How Airlines Can Improve Customer Experiences, Even When Everything Goes Wrong

All airlines have those flights. The ones from… the netherworld. It starts with a simple delay that your customers don’t find out about until they get to the airport. You’d love to reach out through the mobile app to tell your guests, but you have no way to do so in time.

You know some of them are high value loyalty members, but there’s not much you can do about it. Emailing, texting, or chatting with them contextually as the unique individuals they are is technologically impossible. You just don’t have the necessary data at your fingertips.

Then there’s the part where they sit on the tarmac, their luggage gets lost, and they miss their connections. After those miserable, awful flights, it’s straight back to business as usual. You have no choice but to fill their inboxes with generic promotions, as if nothing ever happened

It doesn’t have to be that way. As an aviation brand you can’t do much about weather or mechanical difficulties. But you can do something about your customer communications and experiences. By getting your data systems and customer touch points seamlessly connected and available, you have the opportunity to massively transform how guests experience trips: pre, during, and post. Even trips where everything goes wrong.

We’ve partnered with Julie Shainock, Global Leader, Travel and Transportation Industry at Microsoft and our own Stuart Greif, Practice Lead, Travel & Hospitality to help aviation brands chart a new course, one that brings together data from siloed sources and makes it usable across all customer touch points.

Through this process you can not only develop personalized marketing that takes into account an individual’s entire history with the brand, but also give timely notifications on preferred channels and artfully acknowledge customers’ unique experiences before, during, and after a flight.

To learn more, read the white paper: How Customer Data Mastery Will Determine Who Dominates the Air Travel Industry


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