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Amperity & Infutor Partner on End-to-End Consumer Identity Management

August 5, 2020

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We're proud to announce our new partnership with Infutor!

Together, Amperity’s unified first-party customer profiles and _Infutor’s consumer identity data will create an enriched foundation for managing customer data so brands can better know and serve their customers.

You can learn all about how to make the most of a combined first-party and third-party data approach in our upcoming joint webinar — register here. In the meantime, check out the press release below to learn more about the partnership.

SEATTLE, Aug. 5, 2020 – Amperity, the first AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP), has partnered with Infutor, a consumer identity data expert, to provide brands with an end-to-end solution for connecting persistent customer profiles to rich third-party data sets. After a thorough evaluation process that included many top data providers, Amperity selected Infutor as its premier third-party data services partner based on the quality, accuracy, and coverage of Infutor's robust US consumer datasets including individuals, households, emails, phone numbers, mobile ad IDs (MAIDs), and deterministic-matched demographics.

“Brands are typically sitting on vast stores of rich first-party data, but they lack the intelligent and scalable identity resolution toolset to unify all that data into usable customer profiles,” said Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships for Infutor. “We’re excited to combine our trusted consumer identity data with Amperity’s world-class first-party identity and Customer 360 CDP foundation, giving brands an end-to-end approach to understand and connect with their customers.”

As marketers plan for a future without the third-party cookie, the partnership between Amperity and Infutor offers a comprehensive and one-stop alternative for rebuilding a data foundation based on permissioned first-party data. Amperity intelligently stitches together first-party customer data at scale, delivering brands a complete and actionable Customer 360, predictive insights, and the power to efficiently personalize every interaction. The combination of Infutor's trusted third-party data with Amperity's multi-patented CDP technology will enable brands to transform raw data into persistent customer profiles and enrich them with attribute data from a variety of premium and privacy compliant data sources.

Benefits of this approach:

  • More accurate and complete customer profiles - Enriching Amperity’s customer profiles with Infutor’s high-quality consumer identity data unlocks a more vivid picture of a brand’s consumers, while also providing more data points to support Amperity’s best-in-class machine learning identity resolution capabilities.

  • Increased transparency - Amperity’s CDP provides full visibility into a brand’s first-party data, allowing them to have control over how to match and merge their first-party data.

  • Efficiency gains - Marketers only pay for supplementary data as needed and have the option to enrich data on select customers (high value, likely to churn, etc). Amperity’s solution stays up-to-date because it resolves first-party identities every day while other solutions are weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

“There are many providers who sell data and dabble in legacy data management, providing all-in-one identity solutions that lack transparency and are ultimately more expensive than they need to be,” said Barry Padgett, COO of Amperity. “We’re thrilled to partner with Infutor to enrich Amperity’s customer profiles with best-of-breed third-party data. Infutor’s high-quality data and compliance-first approach made them stand out as a clear winner in the foundational identity data space.”

Amperity specializes in resolving customer identities across disparate first-party customer data silos. It offers solution packages consisting of implementation, ongoing servicing, and advisory services in collaboration with leading consumer identity data companies such as Infutor.

About Infutor

Infutor is an expert in data-driven consumer identity data and identity resolution. The company is solely focused on enabling brands to instantly gain access to the most complete and accurate information about consumers, exactly when they need it, to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions. In the past year, Infutor has been named to the Inc. 5000 list and recognized by Crain’s Chicago and Built In Chicago as a Best Place to Work.

About Amperity

Amperity's mission is to help companies use data to serve their customers. The software company has revolutionized the way brands identify, understand, and connect with their customers by leveraging AI to deliver a truly comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. This multi-patented unified view improves marketing performance, fuels accurate customer insights, and enables world-class customer experiences. With Amperity, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management, and business teams have direct access to the comprehensive data they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. Amperity serves many of the world's most loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Kendra Scott, Planet Fitness, Kenneth Cole, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Seattle Sounders FC, Crocs, Stanley, Endeavour Drinks, and many more.