Easy Personalization Tip of the Week: Product Background

Each Friday for the next several weeks, I will be sharing an easy but effective way to personalize your marketing, in a new series called “Easy Personalization Tip of the Week”. If you find these tips useful, we’d love to hear from you!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Most of us are visual thinkers. Pictures are a powerful mode of processing information, whether in the context of recalling our own life experiences or trying to make sense of what we see around us.

That’s why brands spend millions of dollars in creative design, brand marketing, and product photography. However, personalization in the world of visuals has been difficult since the process of photography and creative design is cost prohibitive.

Here’s one creative way to get around it.

Personalize the product background

Suppose we were selling the scarf on the model below. How would different customer segments respond to different backgrounds that spoke to them as individuals?

For women who had purchased kids’ attire, we could swap in a background image that showed a kid-friendly setting like a playground.

For women who had purchased women’s travel gear, we could place the image of the model into a mountainous, frozen landscape.

For women who had purchased women’s professional attire, we could use a beautiful downtown cityscape.

We could also A/B test these backgrounds with plain white backgrounds.

In my life running the Store team at Zulily, we did this type of low-cost photography manipulation for highly personalized imagery. The results were impressive. We saw lift in conversions for every personalized background category we used.

Intuitively, it makes perfect sense. As consumers we already know that when we look at a picture of a product, we compare it with mental pictures of ourselves and our life. If the picture aligns with our lifestyle and elevates it, we are drawn to this product and more likely to purchase it.

Does this apply to your brand? How could you use simple background images to better personalize the experience for your customer micro-segments? I hope you’ll check in again next week, for another easy personalization tip from the team at Amperity.


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