The Epic Return of Retail and the Journey Ahead

How many headlines have you read that herald a catastrophic retail apocalypse? It seems like there’s a new tale of retail doom and gloom every week. And yet, there are a handful of brands that are not only weathering the storm, but seemingly taking flight.

Whenever there is massive change (and today’s retail landscape looks nothing like it did a decade ago), there are winners and losers. Winners are the ones paying attention, innovating, and taking advantage of new opportunities. Losers are staying the course, possibly even doubling down on old strategies, and traveling full speed ahead to their demise.

So what are the new opportunities that brands should be paying attention to? We partnered with Harvey Kanter of and to articulate the key trends retailers must embrace, and how a surprising new marketing technology can unlock the missing ingredient for today’s consumer brands.

Read the white paper: The Epic Return of Retail and the Journey Ahead to learn more.


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