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Going Direct to Consumer? Build the Right Customer Foundation

Digitally-native, direct-to-consumer brands have popped up everywhere, stealing market share and encouraging traditional companies to rethink their strategies. Retailers are reimagining the in-store experience. Companies are investing heavily in social media and new technologies. And brands that have historically sold only through retailers are starting to sell directly to consumers.

It makes sense. Selling directly to your customers not only drives the largest margins for your business, but also lets you truly own the relationship you have with your customers.

Customer Data: Your New Gold

The first step most brands take to launching a direct-to-consumer initiative is to spin up an eCommerce site. Shopify built a multi-billion dollar business helping brands do just that. But here’s where brands get in trouble: they treat their new customer data as an afterthought.

Your eCommerce site, once it’s live, will start producing the richest customer data you’ve ever seen. This is a huge part of the value of selling directly to consumers. You can use that customer data to optimize your business, power better targeting, and develop long-term customer loyalty through personalization and tailored customer experiences. These techniques are core drivers of D2C brands’ rapid success and they should be emulated.

But managing customer data well isn’t always easy or intuitive. Most brands already have data management tools in place that are optimized for other use cases. There might also be CRM data and transactional data from your third party sellers. Integrating and using this data along with your new eCommerce data, at scale, requires a modern approach.

The Customer-First Approach

Instead of keeping your data siloed and unusable in systems that were never designed to talk to one another, take the approach of a native D2C brand. Be nimble and evolve by adopting new systems and processes. Put the customer at the center of your organization. Work to know and understand them, and infuse that understanding into the products and experiences you build. Send them communications that are personalized and relevant to them. Craft seamless experiences across channels. Show them ads for products and services that you know they want (and haven’t already purchased).

All of this requires a modern system and data architecture that can ingest, unify, and operationalize customer data from all your channels, including eCommerce data, your CRM file, 3rd party transactions and any other customer data you have. Because customer data is messy and difficult to manage, it’s critical to think outside the current data management status quo.

Amperity is reinventing customer data management with a platform powered by the latest advances in AI and cloud infrastructure. We embrace the complexity, scale, and uncertainty of your customer data to provide the richest customer 360 views possible. With Amperity, brands are finally building a holistic understanding of their customers that lets them power best-in-class personalization, targeting, and customer experiences.

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