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Kroger Picks Amperity’s CDP to Fuel Customer Personalization

August 12, 2020

Image displaying: Amperity & Kroger.

It's our great pleasure to welcome Kroger as the newest member of Amperity's community!

Check out the press release below to learn more about how they'll be using our CDP.

SEATTLE, Aug. 13, 2020 – Amperity, the leading enterprise customer data platform, today announced that The Kroger Co has selected Amperity as its Customer Data Platform (CDP). Through the partnership, Amperity’s software will power first-party identity resolution for Kroger Technology & Digital, matching loyalty and digital customers to create persistent profiles at both the household and individual level. These holistic profiles will support Kroger on its mission to serve its customers by enhancing personalization and providing more sophisticated analytics and targeting for its enterprise partners.

“Kroger is a market leader and a true agent for digital transformation - not only within their own company but for the entire CPG and retail industry,” said Barry Padgett, COO at Amperity. “We partner with companies that either are, or have the ambition to be, the best in how they use data and analytics to drive their business, and Kroger is certainly no exception. Their vision is grounded in serving the consumer with simple, integrated experiences, a passion we share deeply, both as good business practice and as a north star for brand promise.”

First-party data is emerging as a necessity for customer strategies for retail and CPG brands in an era where personalization is standard and privacy is a priority. The economics of better data have also proven conclusive: personalization and better experiences drive significant increases in revenue and customer lifetime value. Kroger’s partnership with Amperity will inform loyalty marketing cost savings, churn prevention improvements, seamless, personalized CX, and strengthen CCPA compliance. The partnership will also help Kroger tie online and offline activity at both a household and individual level - an essential capability at a time when consumer habits are rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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