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Locked Silos Preventing Productive Data Integration & Management? Here’s the Key

Efficient data management, integration, and formatting have proven to be major obstacles for more than half of marketing leaders. With information living in silos across various systems (email, point-of-sale transactions, ecommerce platforms, loyalty databases, etc.), gleaning a clear view of each customer has become seemingly impossible. Adding to the challenge is the time-consuming and labor-intensive nature of traditional and legacy data aggregation tools. 

In interviews for a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report, companies shared a number of barriers to efficient data integration and management. Collecting information across disparate systems was one of the most frequently cited challenges, and respondents complained that their manual processes for doing so often resulted in incomplete data subsets and/or data loss. Even after months, sometimes years, of ingesting information from various locations, teams still struggled to apply intelligent analytics to their datasets. Ongoing data management was also mentioned as a source of inefficiencies, exacerbated by legacy software and resource limitations.

Marketers know they need a better way—with automated tools and processes that provide far greater usefulness and far less burden. At Amperity, we approach this by offering a unified 360 view that consolidates customer data spread across fractured systems. Our platform ingests all consumer data quickly and at scale, to enable identification of customer patterns so you know who your customers are, insights and analytics so you can decide what business outcomes you want to tackle first, and omni-channel targeting and personalized campaigns so you can serve your customers as the individuals they are. 

The TEI Report revealed that Amperity helped companies speed data ingestion, preparation, and integration by 85% and improved data management productivity by 80%. By uniting siloed data and providing an AI-powered solution to leverage it, Amperity delivered operational efficiencies for data engineers and reduced the time and cost associated with monitoring and maintaining data stores. Forrester also reported the following results: 

• Acceleration in massive data ingestion and new source data integration, valued at over $670,000 for 15 new data sources over the course of three years.

• Productivity improvements and elimination of cumbersome tasks relating to ongoing customer data management provided a three-year savings of more than $2M. Before Amperity, one organization described the intricacies of making changes to its data, “It was fairly intense to open up that code, and I don’t have many people who understood the code…So, in addition to engineering resources, a lot of QA was performed to make sure that nothing else broke in the process.”

• Shortened source integration cycles. One user said that before deploying Amperity, “If we were to bring in a new data source, it would have taken three to six months.” Amperity enabled a productivity uplift that reduced the cycle from an estimated 24 weeks to just four weeks.

With over 11 billion connected devices generating eight zettabytes of data annually, it’s no surprise that marketing teams are overwhelmed. When business decisions are made from flawed, unreliable or incomplete information, money is wasted and opportunities are missed. Forward-thinking brands and teams can reverse this dynamic, turning their data into rich, up-to-date customer 360 profiles. By eliminating the biggest barriers to efficient data integration and management, marketers can overcome the deluge and begin to understand their customers in a truly meaningful way.


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