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Rev-Up Your ROAS: Target Customers with Laser Beam Accuracy

It takes money to make money. But ad campaigns are bloated on budget and slim on ROI. Last year, eMarketer reported that worldwide, marketers estimate they waste an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels— with the worst offenders at more than 80%. 

So, what can companies do to minimize waste and boost ROAS? Improve targeting and move your legacy systems aside. With targeted campaigns that speak directly to an audience’s needs, values, and tastes, marketers can save tens of millions in misused ad dollars. It’s also essential to match the speed of consumer decision-making with personalized customer messages and experiences. Lag time between digesting data and acting upon it perpetuates irrelevant messaging and ineffective advertising. More than 75% of marketers know personalizing content quickly is crucial, yet 60% still struggle to do so. Often, this is due to gaps left by legacy systems. According to a senior VP of customer data interviewed for Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report, “In our legacy environment we were not able to know who made a purchase until two weeks after they made it. And so, what ends up happening during that two-week period is we’re remarketing to them. For somebody who has already purchased, we’ve wasted our marketing dollars. And we’ll frustrate the customer.” 

Amperity bridges these gaps. We approach this by offering a unified Customer 360 view that consolidates customer data spread across disparate systems. We ingest all consumer data securely, rapidly, and at scale to aid in improved targeting with continually updated information, so marketers can identify purchasing patterns and more efficiently target key segments through personalized campaigns. And the data shows that it works.

Forrester’s TEI Report looked at the potential benefits and ROI of leveraging our customer data management platform, and found that Amperity helps brands act upon customer data and quickly improves targeting, leading to increased ROAS and tens of millions of dollars in projected savings. They found that improved targeting drove a three-year, risk-adjusted savings of more than $16M when applied to a paid media budget of $100M; and smarter retargeting suppression using Amperity’s current and complete customer profiles resulted in 5% higher ROAS. 

For more info on the ROAS ROI that Amperity enables, to drive meaningful personalization for each customer as an individual, download Forrester’s TEI report.



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