Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing

On September 14th, 2017 in Seattle, Amperity will host some of the world’s top brands as they share how they are using complete and actionable customer data to transform consumer marketing. Read on to learn more about this invitation-only event.

Channel and Data Explosion

The past decade has seen an explosion of customer-facing channels (including mobile apps, kiosks, wearables, point-of-sale systems, and social media) and technologies (such as clickstream tracking, attribution, e-commerce, and digital advertising). These systems produce massive amounts of data about customers, forming a valuable web of information about who individuals are and what they want.

There is a downside though. For the majority of companies this data is chronically siloed and largely unusable. Each system has its own permissions and gated access, and even when data is brought together from multiple sources, it is impossible to discern which records from one source correspond to records from another. Data is messy, inaccurate, and incomplete, and formatting it so data can be used in a timely manner and within customer-facing applications poses yet another challenge.

Most companies are lost somewhere in this morass of disconnected data and systems, paralyzed in their efforts to fully leverage data for personalization, segmentation, targeting and analytics.

Rising Expectations and Competition

Meanwhile, Internet-first companies have been transforming the consumer landscape. Because they have few channels and streamlined systems, they can more easily personalize communications, create targeted offers, and recommend products. This has allowed them to grow quickly and has altered customer expectations. The same people who use Netflix, Amazon, and Uber also fly on airplanes and shop in retail stores. They want personalized, meaningful, and relevant experiences wherever they are.

While there may be technological disadvantages, non-Internet-first companies have a set of unique assets. Deep brand awareness and loyalty, rich databases spanning decades, and vast networks of brick and mortar stores are impossible for newcomers to replicate. This mote has mostly gone un-leveraged because of a lack of unified and usable customer data. The opportunity (and the challenge) lies in creating complete customer profiles built using the data that brands already possess. Then, by sending that data out to every customer touch point, brands can fuel cohesive, personalized, and meaningful experiences for individual customers.

The Technologies that Can Level the Playing Field

There are two recent innovations that are helping to even the playing field. First, through the use of distributed data infrastructures, it is now possible to perform trillions of distinct computations, rapidly and affordably. This capability has grown continually and, according to Moore’s Law, will continue to double at a regular, and ongoing, cadence.

Second, machine learning, once a purely academic discipline, has widened in scope, providing the intelligence engine behind many of today’s most powerful commercial organizations. At its core, machine learning is the scaling of human intelligence and intuition, with the added advantage of fewer blind spots and errors. ML can quickly identify pictures, understand intent, match records and correct mistakes within enormous datasets.

These innovations are important to consumer brands because, when used together and combined with data, something magical happens.

Long Awaited, Complete Customer Profiles

Imagine knowing the identity (name, email, address, household, devices), behaviors (online and offline purchases, clickstream data, social interactions) and context (loyalty status, preferences, credit card usage, lifetime value) of every customer who interacts with your brand. Imagine that you as a marketer or analyst had direct access, letting you ask questions of your data and take action on it without delays. And what if it was easy, at scale, and happened in real-time? How would your marketing and analytics initiatives expand, improve, and evolve?

Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing

On September 14th, 2017 at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle Amperity is hosting Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing. Executives from Crate & Barrel, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Alaska Airlines, GAP Inc., and Starbucks, among others, will share how they are using emergent technological trends to leverage all their customer data, enabling them to compete with Internet-first companies and shape the future of consumer marketing. Speakers and panelists will showcase real world strategies, techniques and war stories, giving guests a practical jumpstart on making smarter decisions, improving customer experiences and driving phenomenal top line growth.

Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing is an invitation-only event targeted at consumer marketing executives in Fortune 500 companies who are looking to make the most of their customer data investments. For more information about attending, please contact us at:


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