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Stop Spamming & Start Personalizing: How Amperity Can Increase Your ROI by 10x

Nearly 205 billion emails are sent each day. With so much noise, and countless marketers constantly vying for attention, brands must work smarter to breach firewalls of skepticism and effectively engage with their customers. Competing against billions of daily emails can seem like a herculean task—and one that often leaves marketers feeling relegated to the ranks of spammers. If that sounds familiar, take heart. There is a better way. 

Personalized email targeting, driven by customer data and automated by technology, has proven time and again to improve email effectiveness. Personalization increases open rates — by more than 18% on average — and directly addresses the 57% of consumers who say they will break up with a brand if they feel spammed. Even so, 70% of brands are still not effectively targeting or personalizing.

If personalization is the aim of email marketing, then unified customer data serves as the pathway. Long gone are the days of collecting nothing more than basic demographic information from customers. Even the best email campaigns can fail when they’re rooted in fragmented data and lack a complete and accurate view of the customer. The good news is that technology innovation and advanced analytics that can perform in-depth predictive analyses of customer data are now enabling a shift in the way that businesses understand and interact with their customers. Marketers finally have a way to leave ineffective “one-size-fits-all” approaches behind. That’s where Amperity comes into play. 

A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact report took a deep dive into the potential benefits and ROI of deploying Amperity’s data engine. In their assessment, they discovered that Amperity’s ability to ingest massive amounts of cross-platform data to produce comprehensive customer 360 profiles resulted in more personalized emails to better target unique customer segments. Data unification revealed consumer purchasing patterns, desires, and communication preferences to yield an increase in email open rates and revenue. Companies that have leveraged our customer data platform to improve email personalization and engagement have experienced real ROI impact, with the ability to drive 15% more revenue per email

The report also revealed that a sample company had 209 million customer records, the assumption being that each was individual and unique. But after unifying the profiles using Amperity, their total number of actual unified profiles dropped to 94 million. As a result, Forrester found that Amperity helped users recognize customers accurately within and across systems and reduced waste by eliminating duplicate contacts by 55%. Overall, fewer total messages were sent to consumers, and they went to the intended recipient more accurately and without excess. 

Marketers today understand that a campaign is only as effective as the data that supports it. At Amperity, we help turn that knowledge into action. By giving marketers accurate and complete customer data, we are helping optimize email marketing and increasing ROI by 10X. Our unique, AI-powered identity solution informs meaningful personalization by providing a comprehensive C360-view of each customer informing insights from all data sources. The results speak for themselves. Download Forrester’s TEI  Report to see just how Amperity is supercharging campaign productivity and changing the email marketing game. 



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