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Wrestling with Customer Data? Check Out Amperity Sandboxes (New!)

Scroll down for a demo of Amperity Sandboxes by Jake Bennett, Solution Principal at Slalom

Most brands agree that they need a complete view of their customers to make better decisions and craft unique customer experiences at scale. But building that view is harder than ever. 

Customer data is messy. It’s massive, adding up to billions of records for a single company. Systems brands rely on weren’t designed to integrate with one another. Resolving customer identities is a constant challenge. And then, just when it looks like you’ve gotten your data unified and ready to use (perhaps with a Customer Data Management platform like Amperity), your situation evolves: you want to incorporate new data sources, new channels, or new customer attributes. 

That’s why we built Amperity Sandboxes – to give brands an easy way to make changes without disturbing regular operations. Taking inspiration from tools like Github, Sandboxes produces a secure duplicate of your entire data workflow, from ingestion and resolution, through segmentation and orchestration. Technical teams get self-serve access to test and forecast the impact of changes, explore the product, and safely update any aspect of how they configure and use the platform.

To showcase the power of Amperity Sandboxes, Jake Bennett, Solution Principal at Slalom, made a short demo. Watch now.

Caption: Jake Bennett, Solution Principal at Slalom demos Amperity Sandboxes

Amperity Sandboxes is available now as a closed Beta for select customers and will be available soon to all customers who qualify for self-serve access. Please contact your Amperity sales representative or customer success manager for more information.


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