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Lucky Brand Uses AI to Build a Game-Changing Customer 360

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How Lucky Brand Built a Comprehensive View of the Customer and Drove Better Customer Insights in Weeks

Despite investments in leading-edge technologies, Lucky Brands struggled to wrangle their rich but convoluted customer data across systems, blocking them from achieving their vision of personalization.

Read how Lucky Brand used Amperity’s patented technology to rapidly build a comprehensive and accurate view of the customer.

$192 Million

CLV correctly attributed

Comprehensive Customer Views

Unified from 12.7 million records and 4 siloed sources

$11 Million

projected ROI in year one from efficiency gains and enhanced personalization

The World's Most Loved Brands Use Amperity

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There’s no other solution on the market with customer data unification capabilities that come close to Amperity’s. We’re finding connections in our data where there are no unique identifiers. Without the power of Amperity’s algorithms, those connections would remain hidden and the data would simply go to waste.
Michael Relich
Chief Operating Officer
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