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How Seattle Sounders Increased Ticket Deposits by 80% with Amperity

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Case Study: Seattle Sounders Builds a Holistic View of their Fans

The Seattle Sounders FC wanted to personalize the fan experience, but first they needed to build a complete and actionable view of their fans. They had invested in a modern ticketing, CRM, and email tools, but fan data was siloed across these systems. Even after attempting to centralize this information in a data warehouse, the marketing and analytics teams struggled to generate a unified customer view, and they were bogged down by the slow and manual processes of generating lists and segments.

Sounders brought in Amperity to centralize, unify, segment, and deliver fan data downstream. This enabled them to understand trends in fan behavior, fuel personalized marketing campaigns, and streamline the fan experience.


Increase in clickthrough rate


Return on advertising spend


Increase in season ticket deposits

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Our fans engage with us in so many different ways, whether it's through social, buying tickets through us, through buying tickets for a friend, or getting tickets from a friend. We didn't really have a good way of understanding the full behavior of our fans as it relates to engaging with us and buying tickets. Amperity allows us to do that.
Ryan Gustafson
VP Strategy and Development
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