CDP shouldn’t stand for Complications, Delays, & Pain

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What happens when your Customer Data Platform (CDP) isn’t delivering?

Instead of generating valuable customer insights and elevating your campaigns, you're wasting time formatting data and trying to work with an inflexible interface — needless to say, things aren't working the way you expected.

Our guide explores the unfortunate reality many businesses experience with the wrong CDP provider, and outlines the right capabilities and support you should expect to best help you achieve customer-centricity.

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Slow data ingestion

Lengthy and inconvenient data consolidation process that requires manual adjustments and formatting.

Inaccurate profiles

Rule-based identity stitching resulting in a sub-optimal customer profile foundation.

Inflexible access

Tough-to-customize interface and poor capability to support a variety of departmental roles and requirements.

Transactional support

CDP providers who leave tech on your doorstep, don't offer strategic perspective, and don't have your customer in mind.

“Amperity has given us the ability to turn disparate and sometimes disjointed customer data into a complete first-party data foundation. Amperity is enabling us to drive better business results and safely and securely transform our customer data into exceptional experiences.”

Steve Miller SVP of Strategy, e-commerce & analytics, Dick’s Sporting Goods

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