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Patented Technology that Solves Chronic Customer Data Challenges


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Maintaining a Stable ID

Patent No. 10503696
Application ID. 15/730,008
Filed: 10/11/2017

An identity assignment algorithm that ensures your universal customer identifier remains stable over time.


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Generating Training Data

Patent No. 10509809
Application ID. 15/729,960
Filed: 10/11/2017

A new method for extracting representative records and labeling them to generate a robust training dataset.


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Multiple Databases

Patent No. 10599395
Application ID. 15/729,990
Filed: 10/11/2017

Making it possible to run distinct databases in parallel that leverage the same underlying probabilistic identity graph.


Pending Patents

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Transitive Stitching & Fusion

Application ID. 15/729,931
Filed: 10/11/2017

Two methods for combining and merging multiple customer sources.

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Hierarchical Consistency

Application ID. 16/399,219
Filed: 04/30/2019

Allowing for consistency of results across a series of thresholds selected by an ordinal classifier.

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Cluster Conflict Management

Application ID. 16/399,162
Filed: 04/30/2019

Ability to differentiate sparse data from conflicting data to improve clustering results.

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