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Amperity is pleased to be hosting Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing on September 14th, 2017 at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle. This is an invitation-only event for consumer marketing executives in Fortune 500 companies who are looking to make the most of their customer data investments. Executives from Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks and GAP Inc., among others, will share real world examples of how they are using complete customer data to compete with Internet-first companies and shape the future of consumer marketing.

September also marks an important milestone for Amperity. After twenty-one months of building our platform and serving some of the world's most loved brands, we are ready to showcase our breakthrough offering. We are excited to share the beginning of this new chapter with you and hope you will join us for this educational and celebratory event.


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Coffee and tea available

Welcome & Introduction

Raj Singh (CEO, Accolade) and Kabir Shahani (CEO, Amperity)

The Future of Consumer Marketing

‘C-Suite’ Fireside Chat

Rodney Williams (President & CEO, Belvedere Vodka), Ken Worzel (President,, and Tom Nolan (CMO, Kendra Scott)

Moderator: Kabir Shahani (CEO, Amperity)

In the past decade, the consumer landscape has changed dramatically. Customers now have an unprecedented array of shopping choices: brick and mortar stores, catalogs, websites, mobile applications, and even social media. At the same time, internet-first companies have trained consumers to expect targeted and personalized experiences. Competition for share of the consumer wallet is high and only getting higher. Despite these challenges, there is good news.

All of this innovation has produced enormous amounts of data about individual customers that can help marketers craft compelling customer journeys and experiences. In this session speakers will discuss how unified and usable customer data can transform the way consumer marketing gets done, resulting in loyal customers, top line growth and the ability to compete in the new consumer landscape.

People, Process, & Technology Investments for Customer-Centric Transformation

Panel Discussion

Rachael Johnson (Vice President, Digital, Moët Hennessy USA), Susan Caudry (Estate Director, Domaine Chandon), and Miguel Almeida (Former EVP, Digital, lululemon)

Moderator: Mark Abraham (Partner, BCG)

While marketers are looking to deepen customer relationships, multiple factors hold them back from delivering on their best ideas and strategies: organizational silos, inaccessible and incomplete customer data, and an inability to directly use data in the customer-facing applications they already have.

In this session, speakers will share how they overcame these challenges through investments in people and processes, and the adoption of new, foundational data technologies.

15 Minute Break

Coffee and tea available

How Unified Customer Data Can Provide Actionable Insights

Panel Discussion

Jon Francis (VP Analytics, Starbucks), Chris Chapo (Data Scientist, The Gap Inc), and Jason Gowans (Vice President Marketing Analytics & Technology, Nordstrom)

Moderator: Mona Akmal (VP Product, Amperity)

In this session, speakers will share how a 360-degree view of every individual customer can be used to help marketers predict future buying behavior and develop relevant offers. These techniques in turn help drive brand loyalty and increased share of wallet. A deep understanding of customers can also help marketers determine the most effective means to acquire and retain customers, identify high-value customers, and prevent churn through proactive interaction.

Fireside Chat with Derek Slager and Dr. Dan Suciu

Panel Discussion

Derek Slager (CTO & Co-founder, Amperity) and Dr. Dan Suciu (Professor, University of Washington)

Stories from the Frontlines: How Practitioners are Using Customer Data to Improve Marketing

Panel Discussion

Jeanne Jones (Director of Customer Communications, Alaska Airlines), Annamarie Bermundo (Head of CRM & Analytics, Moët Hennessy USA), and Gail Seanor (Senior Director, Marketing Technology)

Moderator: Matthew Biboud-Lubeck (VP Consumer Engagement Strategy, Amperity)

There’s an enormous amount of customer data being produced today-- data about what customers purchase, what they search for, and what is important to them. If brands can fully harness this data, they have the power to transform their interactions with customers, making them more personal and effective.

Unfortunately, using customer data is a challenge for most marketers. This is because data lives in disconnected and hard-to-access systems. Another barrier is resolving identities at scale and creating complete and usable customer profiles that can be used across all of a brand’s touchpoints and channels.

In this session, speakers will share strategies, techniques and best practices based on how they have overcome these hurdles and used customer data to create personalized experiences, deepen customer relationships, and drive growth.

Closing Remarks

Matt McIlwain (Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group)


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Columbia Tower From Street

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Thursday, September 14th, 2017
1:00 PM


Columbia Tower Club
75th Floor, Columbia Tower
701 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

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