Breaking Down Data Silos

There is a cost to using data. Behind the glamor of powerful analytical insights is a backlog of tedious data preparation. Since the popular emergence of data science as a field, its practitioners have asserted that 80% of the work involved is acquiring and preparing data.

A Black Friday Customer Story

There seems to be something for everyone this Black Friday season. But is there? On a day when nearly every business works to capture the attention (not to mention the wallet share) of shoppers by offering deals deals deals, the individuals in the throngs are being ignored.

How Demographics Can Fool Us

Demographics are groups of people lumped together by some number of similar traits. But if we lump people together incorrectly, either by using too few or outdated traits, and then make predictions from those falsely lumped groups of people, we run the risk of having our predictions be way off.

Tech Moves: Startup vet Eric Best joins Amperity

Amperity, a Seattle-based machine-learning marketing startup, named tech veteran Eric Best as their new chief customer officer today. The startup has remained in stealth mode since being founded by Appature co-founders Kabir Shahani and Derek Slager in February. […]

Rajeev Singh Joins Amperity’s Board

Amperity announced today that Rajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade and former President and COO of Concur, has joined the company’s board of directors. Singh brings more than 20 years of deep operating experience, after co­founding and building Concur to be the eighth­largest SaaS company in the world.