Customer data infrastructure to fuel your business

Customer data needs to be cleaned, no matter where it lives. Manage risk with an AI-powered toolkit to govern your end-to-end data workflows.

Streamline customer data operations

Optimize your tech stack

Model customer data to fit your business needs on a flexible platform that ensures every data asset is easily portable.

Ensure data is always available

Automate and monitor customer data transformations and workflows. Make changes safely in a sandbox and fix errors with just a few clicks.

Protect customer privacy

Grant role-based access to only the data each user needs. Streamline regulatory compliance with automated data subject rights management. 

Amperity platform Destinations view displaying a modal titled "Add destination"

Optimize your tech stack

Multiple cloud hosting options

Optimize your data infrastructure by choosing whether to host Amperity on AWS or Azure.

Flexible enterprise platform

Increase your tech stack's performance by customizing any data model or easily building your own to fit your data architecture.

400+ pre-built pipelines

Avoid vendor lock-in by using 400+ pre-built data pipelines to egress everything from attributes to complete databases.

Share data without replication

Control the access and usage of customer data with Amperity Bridge, which enables zero-copy data sharing to and from a data lakehouse.

Amperity platform displaying a sandbox "ACME" tenant with changes that are ready to be promoted.

Ensure data is always available

Sandbox with validations

De-risk your change management with a sandbox that tracks all changes and has built-in promotion tooling.

Quality control and data audits

Increase productivity with out-of-the-box data validations and audit tools that never require configuration or customization.

Data workflow monitoring

Minimize downtime with automated monitoring and alerts for all transformations, validations, and feeds.

Amperity platform modal titled "GDPR PK List" displaying a visual query editor.

Protect customer privacy

Enterprise security

Ensure data security on a platform that is SOC2 certified, HIPPA compliant, and provides transparent access to data lineage and user actions.

Compliance workflows

Ensure compliance with automated and auditable consent management workflows for GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory standards.

Role-based data access

Ensure customer data is protected with role-based access, PII-redaction, and encryption upon ingest, at rest, and upon egress.

“Amperity has automated a workflow that otherwise would have depended on using valuable IT resources. Before, updating an email dashboard would take 4-5 hours every day — now it’s done automatically.”

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Lakehouse customer data platform

Fuel for the modern customer journey

Customers are complex. Managing their data doesn’t have to be. See how Amperity helps you own your most valuable asset and understand customers better than ever before.

The Amperity customer data platform visualized as the products AmpID, Amp360, and AmpIQ stacked on top of AmpAI and DataGrid.
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