Amperity Customer Data Management

Amperity Customer Data Management

Amperity Customer Data Management

Know. Decide. Serve.

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Know Your Customers

Amperity is the only solution that provides the customer data foundation brands need for customer-centricity and personalization at scale. We begin by ingesting all your customer data in its native format from every source – online, offline, historical and streaming – no schema planning or ETL required. Next, proprietary machine learning algorithms probabilistically and deterministically resolve customer identities across records even when data is incomplete, inconsistent, and lacks linking keys. Then all behavioral, contextual, and transactional data is merged to form actionable customer 360 views with out-of-the-box attributes, affinities, and insights.

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Raw Ingestion

Fast and easy deployment with no ETL or schema mapping needed

Identity Resolution

Connect every record with machine learning, no linking key required

Comprehensive Views

Unlock omni-channel customer behaviors, interactions, and affinities

Drive Better Decisions

Uncover deep insights into who your customers are, what they want, and how best to reach them. Use visual tools for point-and-click segmentation across all historical and real-time engagements; online and offline transactions; site, mobile, and email interactions; and loyalty and brand credit card usage. Deep dive into your full customer 360 with a robust and lightening fast SQL engine, or send data to leading BI platforms and machine learning environments for advanced analytics. Power measurement, attribution, and campaign optimization with feedback loops from response, engagement, and transactional data tied directly back to your customer 360.

Direct Access

Democratize access to data with visual and SQL segmentation

Insights & Predictions

Predict customer lifetime value, affinities, and churn


Power campaign measurement and attribution

Serve Individuals, Every Time

Orchestrate data on a schedule and tie omni-channel interaction data back to trigger context-aware experiences and journeys. Power your marketing clouds and campaign tools with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about your customers. Go beyond digital by fueling real-time site and mobile app personalization tools, clienteling apps, and customer care with comprehensive customer insight. Enable customer-centricity across the organization by sending customer 360 data to compliance tools, CRM, analytics environments, and more.

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Deliver data to MarTech, AdTech, and personalization tools


Schedule progressive segmentation for complex journeys

Integration Anywhere

Integrate with any tool or system across the organization

Learn What’s Possible with Amperity

Connect all of your customer data, unleash the potential of your teams, and supercharge your marketing, analytics, and CX.

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