Customer Data Integrations with Amperity

Amperity breaks down data silos by ingesting data raw and at-scale, resolving identities to build true customer 360 views, and activating data in the marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management systems you rely on. Explore our pre-built integrations below.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers high scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

Data Stores

Azure Blob Store

Blob storage is a feature in Microsoft Azure that lets developers store unstructured data in Microsoft's cloud platform.

Data Stores

Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store data of any size, shape, and speed, and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages.

Data Stores

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook's digital platforms.


Google Ads

Advertising on Google's digital platforms.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package focusing mainly on sales, marketing, and service sectors. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family of business applications.


SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud​ is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels.


SalesForce SalesCloud

Sales Cloud brings all the customer information together in an integrated platform and provides access to thousands of applications through the AppExchange.



Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a secure version of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which facilitates data access and data transfer over a Secure Shell (SSH) data stream. It is part of the SSH Protocol. This term is also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol.

Data Stores


Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Data Warehouses


LiveRamp allows clients to combine customer data from various online and offline sources; centering around the use of web cookies to allow web sites to remember visitors


Odopod is a digital agency that enables brands to connect with their audiences through their digital marketing strategies.

Turnkey Intelligence

Turnkey Intelligence provides sports industry intelligence, data-driven research and advisory services for sports leagues, teams and venues.


Urban Airship provides a mobile engagement and digital wallet software-as-a-service.

VinoVisit, is a winery reservation and guest management software platform that also offers consumers the flexibility to book real-time winery reservations and multi-day itinerary building tool.

vinSuite eWinery

vinSuite is wine software designed to manage direct-to-consumer wine business, website content management, e-commerce, wine club, and point-of-sale.


Acxiom collects, analyzes and sells customer and business information used for targeted advertising campaigns.


Bazaarvoice software allows retailers to add and manage customer reviews


Wyng is a marketing-software platform that enables advertising agencies and large brands to build and run consumer-engagement and loyalty campaigns, often featuring user-generated content shared through social media.

Attentive Mobile

Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform that helps connecting with consumers


Custora is cloud-based customer analytics software that puts machine learning to work across the retail organization and customer touchpoints.


Evocalize automates the ingestion of data, CRM files, business metrics, imagery and other content into the platform to dynamically create a variety of contextual Facebook marketing messages and ad formats.

Exact Target (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Exact Target, rebranded to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services.

Oracle Responsys

Oracle Responsys is an email marketing product that help improve conversions, strengthen customer relationships, and dramatically lessen messaging fragmentation.


Delighted create and send CX surveys, track and analyze feedback, and take action.


SurveyGizmo is an enterprise–level data collection platform that has empowered informed decision making


Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business.



PowerReviews helps amplifying user-generated content and consumer feedback to improve the customer experience.

AWS Redshift

Amazon's cloud data warehouse

Data Stores


Email marketing platform

Email Marketing


Eventbrite is an event platform that powers events globaly



Cloud accounting business management application built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.


Coredna is a cloud hosted SaaS (software-as-a-service) with over 80 integrated applications that can be built into the single user interface.


Digital marketing automation platform that enables retailers and brands to automate personalized messages

Email Marketing


A marketing automation platform and an email marketing service.

Email Marketing

Microsoft SQL Server

A SQL-based relational database management system used on-premises and in the cloud.

Data Stores


Privacy, security and third-party risk technology platform that helps compliance with the CCPA, GDPR, ISO27001 and other privacy and security laws.



An experimentation platform to test, learn and deploy winning digital experiences,

Website Optimization

Oracle Bronto

Cloud-based commerce marketing automation platform to mid-market and enterprise organizations.

Email Marketing


Qualtrics is an online survey tool that helps build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses.


Event management software for races



Splash is event marketing software that helps companies execute, measure, and scale their event programs


e-commerce platform for liquor brands

Email Marketing


Partner marketing platform

Email Marketing

Intelligent Ingestion is Fast, Easy, and Flexible

Intelligent Ingestion is 85% faster than traditional approaches and results in 80% productivity improvements for ongoing customer data management.

Intelligent Ingestion accelerates and simplifies data integration by ingesting data raw, in its native format. This means our customers are only responsible for providing data access and can skip the costly work of transforming and cleaning data to conform to a fixed schema. To put it simply, while other approaches require you to shape your data to their systems, we shape Amperity to your data.