June 27, 2019

Release Note: New Stitch Experience

Stitch has always been the brains behind our AI-powered customer identity resolution and record matching. But until we launched the Stitch experience, it was hidden from view. Users didn’t see how their data was being processed until it was populating their Customer 360 Database. We launched the new Stitch experience because we believe that for something as business-critical and nuanced as customer data – the foundation upon which you build and shape your organization – you need full visibility, flexibility, and understanding. Not just for yourself, but to help you educate and enroll others in how to think about your customers and their data.

Get an Overview

In the Overview section, shown below, you can see how many total customers Amperity’s algorithms found in your data (total Amperity IDs) and the overall Deduplication Rate for your data. In other words: how many records you started with and to what degree Amperity reconciled them, enabling you to better understand the overall connectivity of your source data.

June 27 Release Note Image

Get Into The Details

When you click the “Explore Amperity IDs” button shown above, you can drill into sample customers. Here you can view the actual records that make up each customer, along with the score we assigned to every pair. Different tabs let you view the records, cluster graph, and the way we matched each record

June 27 Release Note Image

Look At The Big Picture

You can step back and look at the big picture. At a glance you can see an overview of customers by ways they engage with you - point of sale, ecommerce, loyalty, or other systems. This includes the number of customers as well as duplicates.

June 27 Release Note Image

You can then drill into each source of customer data and find out more details. This includes what you know about customers as well as the overlap between different channels.

June 27 Release Note Image

Want to learn more? Read the full update in our blog.

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