July 12, 2019

Release Note: Your Customer 360 Your Way

You’ve always had an unparalleled Customer 360 database at the core of the Amperity platform – complete with accurate insights and information about your customers, their transactions, and their interactions with your brand. But a lot of this information was buried and difficult to find. So we’ve rolled out a new Customer 360 tab that makes it easier than ever to see what you know about your customers.

Customer Profile

You can now view the profile right from the Customer 360 tab. The profile includes all of the most important attributes about your customers, tailored for you.

July 12th Product Release Image

Customer Interactions

We know that your customer 360 is every interaction you have with your customers – online and offline, historical and real time, visits and transactions. These interactions are available right from the Customer 360 tab, where you can see at-a-glance the information available and explore any table with a single click.

July 12th Product Release Image

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