August 30, 2019

Release Note: Change Your View in Visual Segments

In the past in our Visual Segment Editor you could only view the results as a list of customers. So it was easy to say “find customers whose total spend is high, who are not loyalty members, and who have bought something online in the last month” and get that list, but it was harder to then say “show me what they bought.” Now you can choose to view the results not just by customers, but by transactions or engagement or any other table that you have in your Customer 360 database.

August 30th Product Release Image

We’ve also added the ability to pick the columns you need to view – no more scrolling all the way to the right to find exactly the fields you want, you can simply select the ones you want to view. This makes it easy to download the right list, send the right audience to the right destination, or view exactly the columns you want.

August 30th Product Release Image

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