Introducing Amperity 4.0

Speed. Scale. Personalization. Governance. The next evolution of the Customer Data Platform.

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Next-level capabilities for the new landscape

The fundamental challenge of identifying, understanding, and connecting with customers hasn’t changed. But the big picture keeps getting more complex. As brands continue to reinvent themselves in the face of shifting market conditions, three trends are taking shape:

The need for personalization at scale

Consumer expectations for curated, real-time experiences at every touchpoint have never been higher.

The explosion of privacy-first cloud data management

As cloud data management proliferates, brands are faced with new governance needs and requirements to support every team and technology with the customer data they need to drive outsized results.

The death of the third-party cookie

It’s becoming critical for brands to shift toward first-party data that their customers voluntarily provide.

The latest version of Amperity expands on our core Customer Data Platform and adds new features and improvements to help meet these emerging challenges — so that IT leaders can govern better, analysts can access deeper insights faster, and marketers can innovate the way they reach their customers to grow the business. 

Scaling personalization

When people engage with a brand, they expect that the brand will use what they know about them to tailor the experience, whether that’s marketing communications, service interactions, or browsing on the website. It’s not enough to get someone’s name right — brands need to be able to use customer data across tools and systems to personalize throughout the entire customer lifecycle, for millions of customers. 

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StreamRT: Moving event data in real-time

A steady flow of input and output allows in-the-moment personalization across systems — no batching, no waiting. Enriching events and experiences in real-time with customer profiles means it’s not just fast, it’s personal.

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New and upgraded connectors

Feed best-in-class customer insights and predictions to marketing clouds including Salesforce, Adobe, and Oracle and engagement tools like Braze, Optimizely, and Zendesk so that your data is where you need it, when you need it.

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Self-optimizing predictive models

Machine learning algorithms built on cutting edge MLops allow predictive analytics to improve over time, taking our proprietary models and making them even more powerful to deliver continual growth with greater speed and accuracy. Join our upcoming webinar to see how Brooks Running leverages predictive models to increase marketing ROI.

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Solutions for privacy-first cloud data management and governance

The scale of data today is colossal, and constantly expanding. The good news is that cloud computing makes it possible to use data for smart decisions that serve your business and your customers — as long as your cloud tools can talk to each other. Unlocking the power of customer data means complete interoperability with your entire tech stack — including BI tools and major cloud partners like AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and GCP — so you can  provide access to customer data quickly and securely.

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Multi-C360: Next-gen access & governance

Easily create different Customer 360 views with enterprise-grade access controls to accommodate different use cases across multiple teams, geographies, and brands. Everyone gets access to the data they need, all from a central and secure source.

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BI Connect: Power up your business intelligence systems

Feed rich, accurate customer data and profiles into leading BI tools like Tableau, Looker, Domo, and many others to optimize performance, empower curiosity, and enable lightning-fast analytics workflows.

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Dramatic query performance increase

Our query speeds were already way ahead of the pack, but we’ve unlocked speeds that push the boundaries of what’s possible, going from minutes to seconds to a fraction of a second.

Creating a stronger future without the third-party cookie

The clock is ticking on third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs, meaning brands need to find new ways to activate and scale advertising reach and create growth strategies focused on first-party data with customer consent. This is a good thing for consumer privacy and for deepening relationships between brands and their customers. Amperity is providing the best tools to help brands build a first-party data future and connect all their known and anonymous data to their ad tech ecosystem so they can continue to grow in a cookie-less world.

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Post-cookie ad-tech partnerships to grow reach

We’re expanding solutions with ad tech partners like Throtle, Universal ID 2.0, Liveramp, and Neustar as well as direct sync to Facebook, Google, and Amazon. This will help increase marketing reach and ROI without third-party cookies in a forward-looking, privacy-compliant way.

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Anonymous Engage: Nurture customers from unknown to known

Manage relationships with anonymous customers, sync clickstream data seamlessly without tags, augment their profiles as they continue to interact, and expand the size of marketable audiences by more than 2x.

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