Executive Roundtable May 2021

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The state of the world is changing every day and it feels as though a new chapter is beginning. Many are calling it “The Great Reopening”. Join Amperity’s May Executive Roundtable for a collaborative discussion addressing “The Great Re-Opening” as we bring together leaders across industries to discuss how to use customer data to your advantage as we move into the second half of 2021 and this unique time in our history.

This private invite-only discussion will cover topics such as:

  • Goals being set for this next phase and unique tactics being used to achieve them
  • Key insights to track long-term shifts in customer behavior
  • Strategies to engage your customers and make them feel safe having in-person interactions again
  • Insights being used to help create strong omni-channel engagement

Join us for one hour on May 4th to gain new ideas, establish connections, and view the power of your customer data with a fresh perspective.

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