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Future-Proofing Your First-Party Data Strategy

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In an ideal world, brands would be tuned in to the wants, needs, and feelings of every single one of their customers.

But customers change with the times, and expectations of how their data is used are only outpaced by the privacy regulation landscape.

If your job is to take lesser-known customers and turn them into high-value, loyal customers, you need to be on top of all of these changes and anticipate what’s next.

Check out this conversation featuring Forrester VP Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope and hosted by Chris Jones, Amperity Chief Product Officer.

They Discuss:

  • Common data gaps and the importance of developing a comprehensive customer view

  • Data privacy requirements, data deprecation, and the role it plays in driving high-value, loyal customers

  • The economic impact associated with getting data correct and how a CDP can help you navigate

  • The evolution of CDPs and the role they play in the different stages of data engagement

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