How Amperity Powers Marketing, Analytics, and Customer Experience

Image displaying Guide: How Amperity Powers Marketing, Analytics, and Customer Experience.

Make Your Customer Data Unified and Actionable

Even though marketers have invested in channels and tools that collect information on every customer click, purchase, and email open, they still can’t seem to get the data they need to get a comprehensive 360 customer view.

Read this free guide to learn how Amperity leverages AI to help brands collect the data they need, whenever they need it. You’ll learn how:

  • Applying merge rules helps prioritize numerous data sources and creates a customized customer view for each team

  • Data Explorer offers an overview of all the tables inside your databases

  • Amperity's Customer 360 table is a database that helps you simplify and make sense of your data

See how Amperity gives customer service staff the power to gather and consolidate consumer data that’s integrated and actionable so they can create a truly comprehensive 360 view to understand and better serve their customers.

Download the guide

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