How Customer Data Mastery Will Determine Who Dominates the Air Travel Industry

Get the Tools You Need for Customer Data Unification

Question: Can airlines overcome their bad reputation, give themselves a brand makeover, and create experiences that customers love by personalization alone?

Answer: Only if they know how to access, then leverage consumer data that generates complete consumer profiles to create a comprehensive 360 customer view.

In this free guide, Stuart Greif, Practice Lead, Travel and Hospitality at Amperity, partnered with Julie Shainock, Global Leader, Travel and Transportation Industry at Microsoft, to define the path ahead for aviation brands by exploring how:

  • Customers want and expect personalization and gravitate to brands that do it well

  • Accessing technology trends and shifting consumer expectations can result in unprecedented growth

  • First-party customer data sources such as in-house reservation logs, clickstream, loyalty programs, mobile app, and credit card usage, offer a rich picture of who travelers are and what they expect

Learn how placing the right personalization strategy in place can help aviation brands use data to understand and serve their customers, build trust, and gain longtime loyalty.

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