Case Study

Tapestry Personalizes Omnichannel Experiences

Hero image of the Amperity, AWS and Tapestry logo

Tapestry Personalizes Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Amperity and AWS

Tapestry implemented Amperity on AWS to solve their messy data problem — their customer data, historical and current, was scattered across the company, from point-of-sale, eCommerce, email, loyalty data, and more. 

They also wanted to enhance omnichannel customer experiences and apply effective personalization, but to do that they needed effective identity resolution. 

 With Amperity powered by AWS, Tapestry can now: 

  • Access a single view of the customer

  • Personalize for each and every customer, and target promotions to specific segments

  • Activate strong cross-channel strategies that boost customer communications and engagement

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