On-demand Webinar

Powering 1:1 Marketing with a Customer 360 View at Kendra Scott

In this webinar, hear how Megan Kohout, VP of E-Commerce and Customer Analytics at Kendra Scott, built a comprehensive Customer 360 view and uses it to consistently deliver 1:1 marketing for her brand. Like most retailers, Kendra Scott struggled to bring together all their siloed and inconsistent customer data across systems. Using Amperity and Custora, they unified Kendra Scott’s data, built a rich understanding all of their customers, and delivered personalized interactions and communications at scale.

Watch this free webinar and learn how:

  • Megan reaches each of her customers with relevant product recommendations and communications

  • Kendra Scott is solving common blockers to one-to-one marketing, including creating a single view of each customer, defining the customer lifecycle, and connecting data across multiple channels

  • Megan’s approach for easily scaling 1:1 marketing and staying agile has influenced the company’s growth

Watch the webinar to learn how to connect your customer data and deliver 1:1 marketing for your brand.