On-demand Webinar

Create Delightful Customer Service Experiences with a CDP

Customer service is a key piece of a brand’s relationship with consumers— it can entice unsure buyers to make their first purchase or encourage one-time buyers to become repeat customers. And like every interaction between a customer and a brand, customer service is more effective when it’s tailored to each individual.

The challenge is accessing the right data at the right time to allow customer service teams to offer the best possible experiences to their customers.

In this webinar, we were joined by Zendesk and the team at Brooks Running to discuss how they have paired their customer service solution with an enterprise CDP to improve the runner experience. We’ll hear how a foundation of organized, accurate, and accessible customer data makes it possible to personalize every runner interaction.

Join us to hear more about how the Brooks Running team is creating next-level customer experiences with the help of a single, reliable source of data.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the Brooks Running team created a 360° view of the customer

  • Why the Brooks Running team chose to invest in a best-in-breed approach (as opposed to a single vendor)

  • How the new, single, reliable source of data provides reps access to the most up-to-date runner information that’s accurate and speeds up service

  • The role that complete, easy to access, customer profiles play in your customer service experience