Customer Data Platform Whitepapers

Maximizing CLV & Churn Prediction Accuracy with More Complete Data

Analysts and data scientists are always tuning their algorithms and trying new techniques to make their predictions more accurate. In this paper, we prove the power of more data – including more volume and more variety.

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Think You Know Your Customers? Think Again.

Businesses want to understand their customers so they can plan investments and deliver personalized experiences at scale. However, most rely on customer data management and unification practices that leave them with an incomplete and erroneous view of their customers. The result is a cascade of negative consequences, which often has the greatest impact on their highest-value customers.

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Forrester TEI Report

Companies chronically struggle to unify millions of customer records across a variety of online and offline sources, to deliver a truly comprehensive 360 customer view. In this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report, you'll learn how Amperity provides this 360 view, powering remarkable results across marketing, advertising, and customer experience.

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and The Future of Consumer Privacy

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) going into effect in January 2020, brands are asking what it takes to be compliant and how to get there fast. In this paper we summarize the critical components of the legislation including which consumers and businesses it covers, important dates, risks, and fees, and how to dramatically accelerate and simplify your brand’s journey to becoming CCPA-ready now – and compliant into the future.

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Amperity Intelligent Identity Resolution

This informative whitepaper offers insights into why Amperity's approach is faster, more accurate, and delivers comprehensive 360 customer profiles.

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Designed for a Rapidly Changing World

Amperity’s AI-driven approach was built for flexibility from the ground up to handle change and revolutionize customer data management.

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How Amperity Brings All Your Rich Customer Data Together

Amperity leverages AI to help brands like yours ingest raw and complete data from all your sources so that you can lay the groundwork to understand your customers.

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Marketers Guide to First Party Customer Data Unification

Get insights into how Customer Data Unification helps identity resolution by combining important information such as clickstream, transactional, and contact preferences.

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How Amperity Powers Marketing, Analytics, and Customer Experience

Learn how Amperity leverages AI to help brands collect the data they need, whenever they need it.

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How Customer Data Mastery Will Determine Who Dominates the Air Travel Industry

Stuart Greif, Practice Lead, Travel and Hospitality at Amperity partnered with Julie Shainock, Global Leader, Travel and Transportation Industry at Microsoft, define the path ahead for aviation brands.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Retail Personalization

We collaborated with marketing veteran, Steve Hartman to create a comprehensive guide that uses an end-to-end approach to enable personalization.

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Picking the Right CDP For Your Company

Struggling to make sense of a complex CDP category? Read this breakdown of the various types, who will benefit the most from each, and criteria to consider as you decide.

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How Hospitality Brands Can Eliminate Data Silos and Activate All of their Customer Data

Hospitality brands have data siloed across sites, chains, restaurants, OTAs and a host of other systems and channels. Learn how to break those siloes down for good.

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The Epic Return of Retail and the Journey Ahead

Are you studying consumer behaviors and new technology trends so you can capitalize on this new age of retail? Marketers need the right tools and platforms to face challenges the marketplace throws at them.

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How Amperity Works

Amperity Overview

Amperity ingests raw data from all your sources and uses advanced machine learning and cloud-scale to resolve identities and build the richest customer profiles possible. Once data is unified, you can directly explore, segment, and send data to any external system, fueling better marketing, analytics, and customer experiences.

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