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Amperity Intelligent Identity Resolution

Dig into the core of Amperity’s platform to understand how we apply machine learning and cloud-scale to resolve identities and build the richest profiles possible.

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Designed for a Rapidly Changing World

We built Amperity for the flexibility you need to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, scaling as you grow, and allowing you to iterate as you learn, develop, and evolve.

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How Amperity Brings All Your Rich Customer Data Together

Amperity has an entirely new approach to ingesting data that lets brands not only bring together all data from across all sources, but do so easily, quickly, and at scale.

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Marketers Guide to First Party Customer Data Unification

Marketers don't always realize that identity resolution is one of the core blockers preventing them from achieving their KPIs. This guide explains why and what to do about it.

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How Amperity Powers Marketing, Analytics, and Customer Experience

Customer-centric brands need a comprehensive and shared understanding of customers that can be leveraged across their entire organization. Learn how Amperity makes that possible.

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How Customer Data Mastery Will Determine Who Dominates the Air Travel Industry

Airlines are notorious for bad experiences, in large part, because of events beyond their control. By using customer data, however, they can take back the reins and create experiences guests love.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Retail Personalization

Increasingly retail brands compete on customer experiences instead of product or price. This guide gives you the end-to-end approach to enabling personalization at your retail brand.

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Picking the Right CDP For Your Company

Struggling to make sense of a complex CDP category? Read this breakdown of the various types, who will benefit the most from each, and criteria to consider as you decide.

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How Hospitality Brands Can Eliminate Data Silos and Activate All of their Customer Data

Hospitality brands have data siloed across sites, chains, restaurants, OTAs and a host of other systems and channels. Learn how to break those siloes down for good.

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The Single View of the Customer is a Myth

Data doesn’t neatly fit together and there’s not one single way to resolve identities and build customer profiles. This paper explains why and how to think differently.

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The Epic Return of Retail and the Journey Ahead

Despite the stories of retail doom and gloom, there is tremendous opportunity for the retail brands who can intelligently adapt to a new landscape.

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How Amperity Works

Amperity Overview

Amperity ingests raw data from all your sources and uses advanced machine learning and cloud-scale to resolve identities and build the richest customer profiles possible. Once data is unified, you can directly explore, segment, and send data to any external system, fueling better marketing, analytics, and customer experiences.

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