Solutions for Quick Serve Restaurants

Powering the QSR of the future

Technology is changing the way QSRs acquire, retain, and engage their customers. Leading restaurant brands rely on Amperity for a best-in-class data foundation that allows them to unlock the value of their customer data.


Comprehensive data foundation

Create a single source of truth with AI-powered unification of customer, engagement, and dining data from all systems. Amperity features out-of-the-box connectivity with major QSR systems.

Known audience expansion

Gain visibility into non-loyalty audiences – understanding customer behavior holistically and vastly expand your marketable customer base – through trade area append.

Predictive insights tailored for QSR

Drive visits with predictively targeted promotions, grow average ticket size through cross-sell and upsell propensity, and identify which users are most likely to engage on mobile.

“We pull in data from point-of-sales systems, social media, credit card transactions and mobile devices, and analyzes it to create personalized campaigns for the pool of more than 4 million guests who have given us permission to contact them directly... Technology from Amperity helps stitch disparate data together, and internal AI tools parse that data to generate personalized messages for customers."

Senior Vice President Digital Strategy Leading QSR Chain

Global QSR gains first-time visibility into media spend

A leading QSR struggled with datasets that were too large and unwieldy to ingest previously, making it impossible to gain full end-to-end visibility into media spend. Using Amperity’s patented identity resolution technology, the brand centralized massive data streams (point of sale, e-commerce transactions, and WiFi logins, for example) into clean, accurate, and deduplicated customer profiles. As a result, the brand was able to correctly attribute $100 million in media spend for the first time.

Photograph of hamburger in takeout container

QSR drives 52% increase in spend per customer with personalization

A major QSR brand’s data was fragmented across multiple data sources, making it difficult to market to customers outside their loyalty program. Amperity unified the brand’s mobile data, online, and in-restaurant purchases, stitching together customer identity across all sources to help the brand personalize its messaging. As a result, the brand was able to double its reach amongst non-loyalty members – leading to a 52% increase in sales.

50% increase in spend per customer

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