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Turn customer data into strategic insight

What if your strategies, tactics, and campaigns were based on customer insights from solid measurements? What if you didn’t have to spend time aligning on sources of truth and wrangling tools that don’t have the data needed? To make this a reality, you need identity resolution you can trust, a flexible Customer 360 that works for all users, and pre-built connections to the tools you’re already using.

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Why it's hard: different functions, different perspectives, different needs

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Varying goals across teams

Analysts, Marketing, Finance — all teams have different data needs, but systems usually aren't optimized to cater to more than one group. With disparate views of the customer and no common identitifier across systems, it becomes unclear if different teams are even talking about the same customers.

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Preferred tools vary widely

Marketing loves slick dashboards, Analytics wants SQL query data tables, and IT is concerned about the personally identifiable information (PII) exposure in each case.

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Resources are finite

The market research needed to create target segments is expensive and in constant need of test, learn, update to stay relevant.

The Amperity approach to advanced analytics

Power your insights & reporting, segmentation and predictive capabilities for better activation performance, and omni-channel attribution needs.

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Accessible, relevant views to serve different needs

Our Customer 360 makes it easy to create different views of the same customer data relevant to all your end users, including Analytics, Data Science, Finance, Marketing, Customer Support, Compliance, and others, all while protecting PII and securing access to the right people. When everyone is using the same data there are no competing versions of customer truth and teams can get more done.

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Quick to stand up yet flexible

Ready-to-go attributes get you up and running quickly, and a flexible data model allows you to create you own customer attributes on the fly. This means you're getting value sooner, and also better able to adapt as your unique business needs evolve.

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Lightning-fast answers at scale

Amperity is the only CDP with both a robust SQL query engine for analysts and a visual interface for business users, putting data access and insights from your entire customer base at your fingertips.

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Compliance with confidence

Our tools let you limit access to PII only to the relevant users, track where data is coming from and going to, and easily access records for audit requests and suppression. All of this helps you fulfill your compliance requirements and gives you peace of mind that you are protecting your customers' data.

"With the access to data that Amperity provides for us, there’s no end to the amount of analytics that we unlocked!"

Hui Chen Director Customer Data and Global Sales Analytics, Wyndham

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