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Grow Loyalty Membership

Grow your loyalty program by 10x

What if a Customer Data Platform could find millions more members for your loyalty program?

You know that a successful loyalty program means membership growth, churn reduction, and program differentiation, but it’s tough without a complete understanding of your customers. We'll help you get both the full picture of your members and a clear view of your non-members.

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Why it's hard: siloed customer data makes loyalty program success elusive


Incomplete view of members

Fragmented customer records and frequent changes in customer personally identifiable information (PII) lead to inaccurate customer profiles. Non-transactional, non-digital data is in silos and hard to integrate.


Lack of data on non-members

Infrequent and unengaged customers have lean data, making it challenging to find accurate insights on their needs.


Too many other loyalty programs

The average consumer belongs to seven loyalty programs but is active in less than two. Without the right personalized moments, it’s hard to stand out.

The Amperity approach to loyalty

A clearer understanding of your customers sets you up to deepen your relationship with existing loyalty members and find new ones. Our tools get your data organized and generating intelligence so you can gain that understanding and act on it.

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Better insights on loyalty program customers

With a unified Customer 360 view that you can trust, pre-built segments, and an easy point-and-click interface to build custom segments, Amperity makes it fast and simple to learn more about your loyalty members.

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Reach and convert non-loyalty members

Unifying customer data results in a fuller picture of less engaged or non-loyalty members. This insight allows you to tailor communications and experiences to nurture them into your program.

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Differentiated programming, fast

Amperity’s pre-built segments and predictive insights, together with our connections into best-in-class activation platforms, let you get right to work on growing and deepening your loyalty program membership.

"We saw results literally overnight with double-digit increases in ROAS, click-through rate, and conversion rate. Amperity's platform does what it says it does, which in itself is impressive. There is a lot of over-promising and underdelivering in the tech space, and in our experience, Amperity does everything it says it does. It's fast, it's flexible, and it's very powerful."

Danielle Harvey Wyndham Resorts

See how Alaska Airlines achieved 198% conversion rate lift in loyalty program sign-ups

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Learn how Wyndham used Amperity to find high-value non-members and grow the program size



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