Embrace the inherent messiness of customer data

Brands that stop fighting against their messy data and start working with it see massive improvements in overall business health, employee productivity, and customer experience.

Here’s the truth — people data will always be messy.

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Customer data is always coming from different sources and in different formats, and it’s constantly evolving as people move through life. It’s natural for data to be disorderly.

The idea that you can “clean up” the messy data is a costly distraction; meanwhile, the business is inefficient, employees have a heavier lift, and customer experience is clunky.

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Instead of trying to clean the data, technology that takes a more flexible approach to gathering and matching can account for the ever-changing nature of data — and you can actually put it to work.

Wrangling messy data has far-reaching economic impact

Business Hero

For the business

  • Reduce programmatic on-boarding fees

  • Improve advertising match rates

  • Eliminate duplicate household direct mail

  • Confidently target new, high-value audiences

  • Stop paying to acquire customers you already have

Employees Hero

For employees

  • Improve marketer productivity with direct data access

  • See marketers cheer for point & click segmentation

  • Eliminate the analytics query queue

  • Liberate analysts to focus on highest impact work

  • Boost confidence with transparent record-level access

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For customers

  • Create relevant and more effective customer journeys

  • Drive repeat purchases & grow average order value

  • Boost conversions with personalized suggestions

  • Grow loyalty membership with personalized messages

  • Measure what’s working across precise sub-audiences


“We always suspected the average guest stay was under three days, but the data lag between check-in and offer creation was more than four days...

There was no visibility into online travel agency bookings (OTA). With Amperity, we were able to validate the average stay was two-and-a-half days AND we were able to serve up offers for on-premise services right after check-in. We also found many more repeat customers between direct and OTA bookings.” — Marketing Leader, Fortune 500 Hotel & Resort Brand

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“Our quickest wins with Amperity were in the digital media space and some were near immediate.”

Danielle Harvey, former VP of Marketing, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

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“We don’t feel like there is a question that can’t be answered.”

Peter Dooher, Senior Vice President of Digital, Servco

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“Being able to get the experience right for the runner is table stakes right now.”

Melanie Allen, SVP and CMO, Brooks Running

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