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Why Your 1980's Approach to Householding is Holding You Back

Householding is moving beyond a physical address to encompass coworkers who dine together, family members who share a vehicle or device, and even friends who vacation together. Understanding the many ways groups of customers engage with your brand is essential and householding-done-right is critical for accurate customer insights and marketing optimization. But many businesses are still householding the old way. Enter Amperity’s new approach to householding.

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): Must-Know Facts, Tips, and Tools to Accelerate Compliance

With the launch of CCPA, brands are facing a monumental set of tasks. They need to verify customers’ identities, find all records about that person in every system, and either collect all that data to send to the customer or erase it everywhere that it exists.

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Powering 1:1 Marketing with a Customer 360 View at Kendra Scott

In this webinar, hear how Megan Kohout, VP of E-Commerce and Customer Analytics at Kendra Scott, built a comprehensive customer 360 view and uses it to consistently deliver 1:1 marketing for her brand. Like most retailers, Kendra Scott struggled to bring together all their siloed and inconsistent customer data across systems. Using Amperity and Custora, they unified Kendra Scott’s data, built a rich understanding all of their customers, and delivered personalized interactions and communications at scale.

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How Starbucks Built a Comprehensive Customer View: Eliminating The Customer Data Deluge and Disconnect

Lead Data Scientist from Starbucks Alexander Smith joins Chris Jones, SVP of Product at Amperity, and David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute for a deep dive discussion on how machine learning is the key to building a comprehensive view of the customer, even when data is messy or fragmented and when records that lack linking keys across systems.

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