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What we do

The Comprehensive Enterprise Customer Data Platform

A Different Approach to Tackling the Toughest Customer Data Problems

Amperity solves the knottiest challenges standing in the way of turning customer data into great experiences for your customers and great results for your business, at every step of the process: from identity you can rely on, to universal access, to customer intelligence, activation, and ROI measurement.

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Amperity's three main products can stand alone or work together for the entire range of customer data needs, and all three of them operate off the foundation of DataGrid.

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AmpID: AI-Powered Customer Identity Management

Amp360: The Modern Customer 360

AmpIQ: Customer Intelligence & Activation Hub

DataGrid: Fully Connected Customer Data Infrastructure

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Real-Time Ingestion & Access

Teams and systems need real-time access to fresh, holistic customer profiles and insights for a range of critical use cases. With Amperity, you never have to wait for the data you need again.

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