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Activation & Orchestration

The relationship marketing suite built to help you serve customers at scale

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Grow customer engagement across the lifecycle

Increase customer lifetime value with out-of-the-box triggers and recurring campaigns designed to reinforce loyalty at key points in the customer journey: 1-2x buyer conversion, cross-sell propensity, churn detection, and more. Predictive insights take the guesswork out of when and how to reach customers — enabling brands to easily build a high-performing, “always-on” customer cultivation system.

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Improve the performance of every marketing channel

Build the perfect predictive segment for any campaign – from direct mail to lookalike prospecting to product markdowns – and deliver audiences with a few clicks of the button to email, social, search, and more. Boost ROI with deeply relevant targeting and the right message for every customer.

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Deliver personalization in the moments that matter

Out-of-the-box integrations with leading marketing tools across email, display, site personalization, clienteling, customer care, and more enable you to clone predictive individual-level insights throughout your marketing stack – ensuring that your personalization tools are delivering the most consistent and relevant experiences to every customer.

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Unlock your best ideas

Gain visibility into what’s actually working with experimental design and measurement. Holdout control groups, automated incremental cross-channel response measurement, and campaign insights at your fingertips mean more time spent on the fun part of marketing.