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The Modern Customer 360: Access for All to Complete Customer Profiles

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All Your Customer Data, At Your Fingertips

There’s no point in having customer data if you can’t get your hands on it. Without easy access to customer profiles, personalization efforts flounder, attribution is impossible, and your teams are left spinning their wheels waiting for segments and insights.

Amp360 takes that friction away, making comprehensive profiles available in real-time no matter who needs them and serving as a single source of information that everyone in the company can rely on.

Amp360 Key Features

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Customer 360 Databases

Holistic databases configured for the full spectrum of customer-centric analytics, marketing, customer support, and compliance use cases

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Simple, At-Scale Integration

Raw customer data ingestion from any source, in its complete and native format, no ETL or schema mapping necessary, saving months of integration time

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Processing of Massive Data

At-scale data processing, including historical data, digital interactions, and all other online and offline behavioral data, for a truly complete view of the customer

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Best Practice & Custom Attributes

Dozens of automatically-generated attributes on every profile for instant actionability, and ability to easily create new, custom attributes at any time as new use cases arise

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Lightning-Fast Queries At Scale

Robust SQL query engine and visual UI for the business user provides real-time access and insights across your entire customer base

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Monitoring & Maintenance

24/7 monitoring and alerts for all ingest and egress feeds, with built-in change management capabilities that allow for safe, easy maintenance while running business as usual

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Download the Amp360 Quick Guide

Learn more about how Amp360 makes setup easy and access a breeze so that analysts and marketers can actually put customer data to work. Includes a customer case study.

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The full suite

Amperity's three main products can stand alone or work together for the entire range of customer data needs, and all three of them operate off the foundation of DataGrid.

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