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Data Foundation & Customer 360

The customer data foundation of the future

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Easily ingest customer data in any size or format

Traditional data integration projects that involve ETL (extract, transform, load) and fixed schemas take ages to deploy and are difficult to maintain. Amperity ingests raw data from any source — online, offline, and even obscure sources like in-person events, customer community data, and surveys — with no transformations or pre-processing necessary. This means immediate setup, rapid results, and flexibility to add or change data sources at any time.

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Unify records with machine learning, not rules

Relying on a rules-based approach for resolving customer identities is time-consuming to build, requires frequent re-writing, and is all too often inaccurate without a master key to correctly join records. Instead of rules, Amperity applies a patented machine learning-powered approach to accurately and comprehensively unify records from every system, even when records lack an email address, phone number, loyalty number, or other traditional identity marker.

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Build a customer 360 rich with insights & predictions

Identity resolution is only the beginning. You need to interpret that data and make it usable for your analysts and marketers. Amperity builds a comprehensive 360 degree customer view, generating over 70 attributes on every customer, including predictions like who’s warming, who’s cooling, who’s likely to be high value, and who should receive which offer, experience, or product, when.

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Be agile with swift, safe & easy changes

Your Customer 360 makes up the foundation of your business. When there are changes in data, systems, or use cases (and there are always changes) you’ll need a safe and easy way to make updates while running business as usual. Amperity is the only CDP with a parallel “Sandbox” environment that lets you make and test changes, pushing them live only after they are validated and approved.

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