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Connected Customer Data Infrastructure: The Power Grid for Your Customer Data

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The Power Under the Hood

The technology to handle customer data with the speed, scale, and accuracy necessary for consumer businesses today didn’t exist, so we invented it.

DataGrid is the multi-patented infrastructure that powers all the products in Amperity's Comprehensive Enterprise CDP. Whether you’re using one of Amperity’s products or all three together, DataGrid supports optimal performance and seamless interoperability.

DataGrid Key Features

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Cloud-Native & Agnostic

High performance, cloud-native infrastructure slashes latency and easily handles data at any scale. AWS or Azure? DataGrid runs on either – you choose.

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Fast, Easy Ingestion

Raw data ingestion from any source (no schema planning or pre-shaping your data), with seamless integrations, streaming APIs & 100s of pre-built connectors

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Data Delivery Anywhere

Deliver data anywhere in any format, including full databases to analytics environments, segments to campaign tools, or attributes to personalization engines

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Enterprise Change Management

Built-in “Sandbox” environment lets you easily and safely make changes to any part of your data foundation, including adding sources or changing your data model, with zero downtime

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Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance

Security features built into every layer of the product, with SOC2 certification, SSO integration, PII obfuscation, user action audit service, and more, keeping your data safe

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Real-Time Ingest & Access

100ms response time ingest API, lightning-fast query engine, real-time connections to BI tools and personalization systems

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Learn more about how DataGrid takes a brand new approach to solving the problems that have hindered customer data management for decades.

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The full suite

Amperity's three main products can stand alone or work together for the entire range of customer data needs, and all three of them operate off the foundation of DataGrid.

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