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Core services and more

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Swift. Experienced. Flexible.

Thoughtfully designed solutions that accelerate your progress and amplify success

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Get up and running faster than you ever thought possible

Our teams will create your success roadmap and configure the platform to meet your goals, with a focus on ongoing value creation and new opportunity identification.

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Work side by side with seasoned practitioners who've been there

Work with a dedicated team of technical solutions experts and project managers to design your Amperity instance, tailored to accelerate your business goals.

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A service model that adapts to your unique needs and partners

As much end-to-end support as you need, across platform management, customer data, marketing strategy, and execution. Plus, an extensive network of certified partners.

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Lison eats customer intelligence for breakfast

“One of my favorite things about working at Amperity is getting to work with customers every day, hear about your challenges and get creative and on how we can work together to help solve them. I'm also a huge data nerd. So I just love the sheer volume and types of data that we get to work with every day.

I understand and have empathy for the long timelines and many partners that you have to work with internally to get marketing programs off the ground.”

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Building your CDP

The implementation phase is similar to building a house. It requires careful planning, leadership, and coordination across a multidisciplinary team of experts to transform a vision and raw materials into reality. It’s hard — and for good reason. Transforming tools and teams that don’t typically communicate requires deep expertise. The good news: we've done it hundreds of times and know what it takes for a variety of organizations and tech stacks. Our technology is built to make this as seamless and fast as possible, and our teams are designed to carry you the rest of the way there. Whether you’d like to be totally hands off, or more self-service — our implementation approach adapts to your unique preferences to construct the CDP of your dreams.

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Ongoing partnership:
Putting your customer data to work

Transforming your business with a CDP is an exciting journey. Successfully using your customer data to better serve your customers requires a well-formulated strategy and a plan for execution. Amperity’s team of practitioners are the best and brightest in the industry. Need help identifying the most critical customer segments and developing tailored marketing strategies? Or support spinning up a new customer dashboard in Tableau? Or training for new teams to start using customer data for the first time? We come equipped with a proven methodology to help you achieve your customer-centric business goals.

Our people? Your people? We're flexible

Use our premium services, go self-service, or work with our direct network of System Integrators, Consultancies, Agencies, and Technology Partners. We know that our ability to work hand in hand within your preferred model is critical to success.

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Implementation Services

Work with a dedicated team of solutions experts to design your implementation, tailored to accelerate your business goals and amplify your success.

Success Planning and Architecture Workshops

Tailored Implementation Plan

Implementation of your CDP

Named Implementation Team including an Implementation Manager and Technical Consultants

Product Training


Core Services

World-class customer service and support

Included in subscription fee

Platform Administration

Self-service platform management and changes via our admin and sandbox tools; support to push to production via our Implementation team

Training & Deployment

Standardized platform training and robust documentation for your Technical, Analytics and Marketing teams


Platform support with SLA commitment via email, our Support Portal, or in-platform; monitoring and maintenance of data workflows by our Support Engineers and Engineering team

Customer Intelligence

Annual “Launch Plan” of customer insights and prioritized program recommendations

Marketing Activation (for AmpIQ customers)

Quarterly consulting on marketing activation of Amperity audiences

Premium Services

End-to-end managed service

Add-on to subscription fee

Platform Administration

All the Core platform administration services, plus:

  • Group Created with Sketch. Platform administration on your behalf

Training & Deployment

All the Core training & deployment services, plus:

  • Group Created with Sketch. Bespoke, customized, any-time training designed based on your use cases, data model, and Amperity instance


All the Core support, plus:

  • Group Created with Sketch. Dedicated (named) point of contact for platform support and technical troubleshooting

Customer Intelligence

All the Core intelligence services, plus:

  • Group Created with Sketch. Ongoing consulting on customer analytics and insights, including strategic analyses, custom dashboards, and performance measurement

Marketing Activation (for AmpIQ customers)

All the Core activation services, plus:

  • Group Created with Sketch. Ongoing marketing and CRM consulting, including opportunity sizing and prioritization, program co-design, and execution (segmentation, testing and measurement)

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