Amperity powered by AWS allows you to store and manage all your first-party customer data. We partner to keep your first-party data robust, reliable, and accessible so you can tailor and measure your marketing strategy. Together with AWS services like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon AppFlow, and others, we offer a scalable and durable real-time data streaming service to meet your interoperability needs.

Amperity works with AWS customers from a range of industries including travel & hospitality, retail, financial services, automotive, and healthcare.

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The enterprise CDP for customer-centric brands seamlessly integrated with AWS

Efficient and powerful data management through AWS DB services

Couple Amperity’s Customer 360 and analytics capabilities with Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena: easily ingest raw data from AWS services and egress smart segments back for further analysis or activation.

Accelerate marketing ROI & prevent churn through Amazon Connect and Amazon Pinpoint

Hydrate AWS customer engagement products with the most comprehensive and accurate view of the customer.

Advanced BI for every team through Quicksight

Feed your data into Quicksight to build dashboards and share insights across your business.

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How it works

Diagram showing how AWS works with the Amperity platform

“Together with AWS, Amperity’s AI-powered models are fine-tuned to identify shifting customer behavior in retail to help retailers predict and personalize the right customer journey for each shopper. With AWS and Amperity, brands can inspire and delight their customers with the right choices at the right moments.”

Powering 1:1 marketing with a Customer 360 view at Kendra Scott

In this webinar, hear how Megan Kohout, VP of E-Commerce and Customer Analytics at Kendra Scott, built a comprehensive Customer 360 view and uses it to consistently deliver 1:1 marketing for her brand.

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How Seattle Sounders increased season ticket deposits by 80%

Watch this video to learn how Amperity CDP built on AWS delivered a 360-degree view of the Sounder's fans. Using better data, the team drove a 22% increase in email open rates, 29% increase in click-through rates, 34:1 ROAS, and 80% increase in season ticket deposits

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How Wyndham Hotels & Resorts drove customer insights on Amp360

Watch this video to learn how Amperity CDP built on AWS allows Wyndham to compile, visualize and analyze data from multiple systems to deliver increasingly sophisticated and actionable guest insights

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