Amp ID

AI-powered identity resolution

Resolve identities accurately with patented AI /ML. Keep track of customers if they change contact information, households, or channels.

Turn first-party data into your most valuable asset

Build accurate profiles

Turn raw, messy data into your most valuable asset by finding the hidden connections in online and offline customer data.

Increase data confidence

Learn how and why AI merged your customer data. Customize identity rules to fit your business and use cases.

Enrich customer profiles

Fill in additional detail with third-party data or by bringing in your own model to power even deeper levels of personalization.

The Amperity platform displaying a table of "customer_master", matching incoming fields to semantic tags.

Build accurate profiles

Semantic tags

Save time normalizing data with schema-free ingestion and out-of-the-box cleaning rules.

Patented identity resolution

Accurately resolve identities with AI/ML that connects the dots as customers evolve, even as channels, personal information, or households change.

Stable, universal identifier

Generate a customer ID that remains stable even as new and conflicting data is collected across online, offline, and anonymous sources.

Amperity platform showing "Stitch Samples" screen; a cluster graph displays the match rates for profiles of a Brian Calderon.

Increase data confidence

Configurable merge rules

Improve profile accuracy with out-of-the-box merge and unmerge rules that can be customized for each use case or database.

Customizable householding

Unpack complex relationships with out-of-the-box physical or digital rules to understand the unique ways groups of people purchase together.

Stitch transparency

Build trust in your data with complete visibility into how and why AI-powered customer connections were made.

A customer profile "Alex Polson" with an associated CustomerID and data, including transaction history and attributes, identifiers, and PII, Loyalty Enrollment & Status, and more.

Enrich customer profiles

Unified transaction data

Understand every customer's lifecycle stage by uniting online and offline transactions with pre-built data models.

Bring your own models

Quickly integrate models from your data warehouse or data science tools with pre-built pipelines.

Third-party data enrichment  

Append external data to improve accuracy and boost personalization.

"We almost couldn't believe it — the time that it took us to deduplicate information compared to what Amperity did. And they deduplicated 3x what we had been able to do on our own."

Dick's Sporting Goods
Lakehouse customer data platform

Fuel for the modern customer journey

Customers are complex. Managing their data doesn’t have to be. See how Amperity helps you own your most valuable asset and understand customers better than ever before.

The Amperity customer data platform visualized as the products AmpID, Amp360, and AmpIQ stacked on top of AmpAI and DataGrid.
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