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Standing Up & Taking Action

November 2, 2020

Image displaying: Community Amperity & Responsibility Participation.

Heading into 2020, I know none of us imagined the year would look the way it has — from the pandemic, to the racial justice movement, to the increasing concern about issues like climate change. Through it all, I have consistently been amazed and inspired by the way so many in the Amperity community have gone above and beyond to show compassion, resilience, and desire to contribute in a positive way.

When COVID first began affecting the livelihoods of those around us, people across the company volunteered to launch the Plate Fund and provide much-needed resources to some of the least protected workers in this country. After the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, we came together again as a company to condemn racism and share our personal stories, including taking time on Juneteenth for learning sessions and reflection on how we can become a catalyst for change in our world and communities, both as a company and as individuals.

Over the past weeks we’ve also been focusing on the election as an important way to get involved. We are encouraging all Amperity team members to take whatever steps they need to safely vote, whether they are voting by mail or need to take time to get to the polls. We are also sharing resources on ways that each of us can support free and fair elections.

Amperity has always aimed to be a community-minded organization, and the challenges of 2020 have made it clear how critical that is. We recognize and reinforce that spirit through our Volunteer Time Off Program, which encourages employees to dedicate at least four days per year to volunteering. To us, the definition of "volunteer" encompasses any way a person contributes to the social, civic, environmental, or economic health of their community or the world. This can include things like volunteering your skills, protesting, voting, advocacy efforts, or other voluntary contributions of your time. This is in addition to participation in events organized by our Amperity Cares committee, which finds ways we can pitch in as a company, including past initiatives to raise money for cancer research and help out at local facilities like community gardens and shelters.

Taking the time to give back not only helps others, but it also helps us to find perspective and connect with our communities. I look forward to seeing all of us get involved and take action.