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Power Your Business with a Complete View of the Customer

Complete, Unified
Customer Data

Customer data makes up the foundation of your business. It tells you who’s buying, what they want, and how best to reach them. But for many brands, customer data is splintered across systems, impossible to unify, and inactionable across the organization.


We built Amperity from the ground up to solve these problems.

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Resolve identities and unify records at scale to build comprehensive customer 360 views complete with omni-channel attributes, behaviors, affinities, and context.


Democratize data access with point-and-click segmentation and limitless flexibility to analyze your full 360 database, powering strategic business decisions, measurement, and optimization.


Activate data in any tool – marketing, analytics, customer support, personalization and compliance tools – to increase lifetime value and enable customer-centricity across the business.

Unlock Your Customer Data