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Power Your Organization with a Complete View of the Customer

Complete, Unified
Customer Data

Customer data makes up the foundation of your business. It tells you who’s buying, what they want, and how best to reach them. But for many brands, customer data is splintered across systems and impossible to unify.


We built Amperity from the ground up to solve this problem.

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Raw ingestion from all your existing systems

Your customer data lives in mission-critical systems spanning your organization. Amperity ingests all of your data in its native format, securely, rapidly, and at scale.

AI-powered identity resolution

Data is inconsistent and lacks unique identifiers across systems. With cloud-scale and AI, Amperity unifies all of it to create a truly complete and current view of your customers.

Supercharge your marketing, analytics & CX

You already have the best tools to understand, engage, and serve your customers. Amperity supplies the data they need to deliver the results you expect.

Unlock Your Customer Data