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“Amperity... allows us to execute near real-time probabilistic customer matching. We see much better match rates with high degrees of accuracy – and the ability to resolve in real-time allows us to immediately change the marketing strategies and messages to the customer whereas before we could have spent nearly an entire week serving an irrelevant and possibly confusing message to the customer.”

Noam Paransky
SVP, Digital, GAP Inc.

Built for precise, scalable identity resolution, Amperity’s platform delivers on the promise of a complete customer 360 foundation.

Customer identity resolution, solved

Amperity was designed with identity resolution at the core – stitching data even when it’s incomplete, inconsistent, and lacks unique identifiers across systems – using machine learning and the power of the cloud.

Leverage existing tools and systems

You’ve invested in best-in-breed tools for analytics, marketing, and more. Amperity’s approach ingests raw data from anywhere, stitches it, and syndicates it to downstream systems in the precise formats you require.

Designed for rapid setup and iteration

With new tools coming online, shifting consumer expectations, and mounting competition, we’ve designed Amperity for the speed and flexibility you need to test, learn, and iterate at the pace of a rapidly changing landscape.

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