The Enterprise CDP for Customer-Centric Brands

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Holistic Approach

A Customer Data Platform built for the needs of the enterprise

AI-Powered Customer Identity Resolution & Management
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Access for All to a Customer 360 Database and Complete Customer Profiles
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The Hub for Customer Intelligence and Activation
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Connected Customer Data Infrastructure
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A Brief Explanation

The new era of commerce requires a different approach

Starting with a novel approach to resolving identities at scale, learn how we've revolutionized how brands harness the power of customer data.

Turn raw customer data into fuel that powers your organization across marketing, analytics, and IT


For marketers who obsess over Customer Lifetime Value

Today's marketing leader needs a smarter toolset for optimizing campaigns and building valuable, long-term relationships with customers.

For analysts with a need for speed

Skip the data wrangling and query quagmires. Deliver accurate, high-impact insights throughout your organization.
Information Technology

For IT leaders who see the big picture

Bypass endless data integration projects and finally get your organization on a clean, accurate customer data foundation built for reliability at any scale.
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Partnership is more than a platform

Our team of consultants is with you every step of the way, bringing industry-specific expertise and a proven approach to help your business navigate a customer-centric transformation faster than you ever thought possible.

Our methodology

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A growing roster of exceptionally customer-centric brands

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Our patented method for identity resolution breaks all the rules

Hand-coded rules and "fuzzy matching" aren't enough to keep pace with the complexities of abundant, dynamic customer data. The result: incomplete profiles that fragment and erode over time. We've invented a better solution, and earned 5 patents (with more pending) along the way.

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