The World’s First Intelligent Customer Data Platform

The First Intelligent CDP

How Amperity Works

Unify all your data with machine learning

Amperity was designed to build the richest customer profiles possible – even when your data is incomplete, inconsistent, and lacks linking keys across systems using – using machine-driven identity resolution and the full power of the cloud.

Unleash the potential of your teams and tech

You’ve invested in marketing and analytics tools, an EDW or MDM, and skilled people to use them. Amperity’s approach ingests data raw from all these systems and sends in the required formats to each of your downstream systems.

Designed for rapid iteration and enterprise scale

Things change. You want to try a new tool or cloud provider, turn off a data stream, or launch a new set of use cases. Amperity rapidly adapts to these changes, scales to your data, and ensures your stack stays future-proof over time.

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