The World’s First Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Amperity breaks down data silos, builds actionable customer 360 profiles, and connects to all your touch points using a new, machine learning-driven approach.

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For the first time, marketers and analysts can unify and use all their customer data — how, when, and where they need it.

Complete, actionable data

Amperity unifies raw data ‒ web, app, in-store, loyalty, social ‒ and lets you send it to any destination.

Powerful identity resolution

Using advanced machine learning, Amperity resolves identities and creates complete customer profiles.

Marketer & analyst controlled

Visual and SQL interfaces give your team the power to directly explore, segment, and activate data.

Supercharge your customer initiatives with Amperity

Customer data has no value if you can't use it.

…I didn’t have the data to be able to act. I knew that it lived in five different places, there was no way for me to use the data from those systems…Director of Communications

Loyalty Marketing

What's holding you back?

Most Customer Data Hub Projects Fail

Teams chronically struggle with the difficulty, scalability and on-going maintanence of a home-grown customer data hub.

ETL is a Decades-Old Technique

Data transformations (ETL) and schema mapping are slow & manual processes that leave teams with stale and incomplete data.

Identity Resolution is Complex

It's difficult or impossible to identify individuals without common keys across data sources.

Marketers & Analysts Lack Direct Actionability

Marketers and analysts can not access, explore or use all their data in a direct and timely manner.

Amperity is a marketer-controlled platform that ingests, stitches and activates all of a brand’s customer data.

The Amperity Difference


Machine learning algorithms, customized to your data.


Government grade security and compliance.


Amperity scales to trillions of entries.


Onboard in weeks with automatic updates.


Use your data how, when, and where you want.


Machines do the work, so you don't have to.

Where does Amperity fit within your technology stack?

Join these and other leading brands who are using Amperity to transform the future of consumer marketing

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