Data quality to fuel AI and engagement

Customer data is scattered everywhere. Putting the pieces together accurately is the difference between churn and loyalty. Grow revenue with a Lakehouse CDP built to resolve identities and take action.

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Trusted by brands reshaping customer relationships

We make data quality your differentiator to fuel growth.

Track customer journeys

Connect the dots as customers change contact information, households, or channels. Accurately resolve identities across first-party data with AI.

Reach target audiences

Ensure content is delivered. Use our AI-powered, first-party identity graph that selects the best contact information to use in each channel.

Identify revenue drivers

Measure how online campaigns impact a person’s buying decision—regardless of whether the purchase was made online, in-store, or through a third party.

Take control of your data

Safely make data strategy changes. Build and test end-to-end data workflows on an enterprise platform that monitors every data transformation.

Better data drives better results

Supercharge ROI with a unified view of customers

Amperity Workflows screen displaying a workflow that has failed, with an option to resolve the error through several options.

Build confidence in your data

We know maintaining accurate profiles is time-consuming. Our AI-powered toolkit automates the hard stuff. Intelligently ingest and normalize data. Resolve identities and reassess matches with every piece of new information to keep up with customers.

Product illustration of AmpGPT

Unlock strategic insights

Ensure anyone can make decisions like a business owner. Shape data using hundreds of pre-built models for every industry. Find your most valuable audiences with SQL or generative AI. And give role-based access to each brand or user.

Amperity platform displaying a dashboard of Loyalty Members, including Historical and Predicted Revenue.

Maximize campaign ROI

Own, don’t rent your data. Use first-party data to personalize every touchpoint. Plan campaigns faster with predictions of each segment’s performance. And reach new customers with lookalike seeds based on your most valuable customers.

Data Warehouses love Amperity

"A lot of organizations find that when building the 360 view, connecting customers across data sources is where it becomes very difficult. Amperity has built a solution that is capable of managing this space."

Bryan Smith
 Technical Director for Retail & CPG at Databricks

Collection of awards from Databricks, Inc5000, BuiltIn, and more.

Make data available, faster

Amperity seamlessly connects with the leading tools for marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management. It pulls any data in and pushes customer profiles out to wherever they need to be for systems you rely on.

Graphic showing Amperity integrations: AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Facebook, and more.
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