The enterprise-grade, modern Customer 360

Get a complete view of your customer without the quality control hassle. Explore customer data already shaped for hundreds of use cases across every vertical. 

Amperity platform displaying a dashboard view of a customer 360 database, showing the Analytics View, Loyalty customers, and High-Value customers

Unlock strategic insights

Shape and model customer data

Take advantage of out-of-the-box data models and insights built to help your business understand your customers better.

Explore data anywhere

Analyze data on-platform with SQL and generative AI or off-platform with seamless integrations with BI Tools.

Launch new insights quickly

Build attributes quickly and ensure insights are instantly available to the users who need them.

Visual segment editor in the Amperity platform displaying a query from the "Customer 360" with "Last purchase" is "on or after" "30 days ago".

Shape and model customer data

Pre-built data models

Automate time-intensive work to shape your data for analytics and insights with data models for all industries.

Out-of-the-box attributes

Fuel strategic decision-making by surfacing 200+ insights that connect current customer behaviors and purchase preferences.

AI-powered predictions

Drive more revenue using AI predictive models and product affinity scores to target customers with the best next experience.

Amperity platform displaying a modal of a table "Unified_Household", with highlighted fields Field Name, Cardinality, and Uniqueness.

Explore data anywhere

SQL & visual data explorers

Inspect, run quality control, and resolve data errors quickly with tools built for technical and non-technical users.

Customizable householding

Unpack complex relationships with out-of-the-box physical or digital rules to understand the unique ways groups of people purchase together.

400+ pre-built pipelines

Quickly egress any data from attributes to databases at scale with 400+ pre-built data pipelines.

BI connect

Get real-time query performance at scale for your BI tools with a high-performance data warehouse environment.

Product illustration of Amperity AI Assistant

Launch new insights quickly

SQL editor

Fulfill business requests faster by building, modifying, or calculating attributes in the same environment used for activation.

Bring your own model

Quickly integrate models from your data warehouse or data science tools with pre-built pipelines.

Role-based data access

Ensure customer data is protected with role-based access, PII-redaction, and encryption upon ingest, at rest, and upon egress.

“The email after our first segment launched the match rates were off the charts. Now we can connect directly with any channel we’re looking to activate with the platform and can engage with our customers in a more effective way.”

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Lakehouse customer data platform

Fuel for the modern customer journey

Customers are complex. Managing their data doesn’t have to be. See how Amperity helps you own your most valuable asset and understand customers better than ever before.

The Amperity customer data platform visualized as the products AmpID, Amp360, and AmpIQ stacked on top of AmpAI and DataGrid.
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