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SPARC Group used Amperity to build a unified view of their customers from all their portfolio brands to supercharge their paid media initiatives.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Kris K, CEO of an International Gift Distribution Enterprise


Customer Spotlight: Kris K. from a global distribution enterprise

Kris K. is using Amperity at an international gift distribution enterprise to spread holiday cheer.

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Customer Spotlight: Helen Birch at Endeavor Group


Customer Spotlight: Helen Birch from Endeavour Group

Helen Birch is using Amperity at Endeavour Group to understand customer problems and find solutions for them.

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Ranajay at Citizen Watch Co


Customer Spotlight: Ranajay Nandy at Citizen Watch

Ranajay Nandy is using Amperity at Citizen Watch to make data-driven decisions.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Christy Ansari from Kuiu


Customer Spotlight: Christy Ansari from KUIU

Christy Ansari is using Amperity at KUIU to identify critical milestones in customer journeys.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Brian Knollenberg at BECU


Customer Spotlight: Brian Knollenberg from BECU

Brian Knollenberg is using Amperity at BECU to drive loyalty and personalization.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Dina Callea from SPARC


Customer Spotlight: Dina Callea from SPARC Group

Dina Callea is using Amperity at SPARC Group to deliver customer-centric messaging.

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Amplifier Spotlight: Melanie Allen, SVP, CMO at Brooks Running


Customer Spotlight: Melanie Allen from Brooks Running

Melanie Allen is using Amperity at Brooks Running to drive personalization and product development.

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Customer Spotlight: Hui Chen, Direct, Customer Data & Global Sales Analytics, Wyndham Resorts


Customer Spotlight: Hui Chen from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Hui Chen is using Amperity at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to run advanced analytics and find valuable customer segments.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Andrew Spencer at Alaska Airlines


Customer Spotlight: Andrew Spencer at Alaska Airlines

Andrew Spencer is using Amperity at Alaska Airlines to optimize marketing campaigns.

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Amplifiers Spotlight: Alyssa Scanish, Chico's.


Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Scanish at Chico's

Alyssa Scanish is using Amperity at Chico's to drive personalized messaging.

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Vickie Chang, Alaska Airlines


Customer Spotlight: Vickie Chang from Alaska Airlines

See how Vickie Chang from Alaska Airlines uses Amperity to make the most of their customer data

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Hero image for customer spotlight featuring Shannon Maple, Personalization Lead from Dick's Sporting Goods


Customer Spotlight: Shannon Maple from DICK'S Sporting Goods

How Shannon Maple, Personalization Lead from DICK'S Sporting Goods uses customer data to personalize communications

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