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Customer Spotlight Showcase

February 18, 2021

Promo image of three of our featured customers

In the right hands, using the right tools, raw customer data can turn into powerful knowledge. We’re proud to provide the tools to make this happen, but the tools alone don't get the job done. It’s the analysts and marketers and IT professionals — our customers — who make Amperity come alive.

Not too long ago, Amperity's Head of Community Jeanne Jones (herself an Amperity customer once) started an interview series called Customer Spotlight, where we hear from our users about what they’re doing with their customer data. Jeanne says, "Learning more about how they use our CDP to innovate in their daily work and drive value for their business is a thrill. We not only highlight them on our website but also in our company meetings, and folks around Amperity get excited when the new installment comes out." The users we’ve featured — the faces behind the hands on the keyboards — are now data celebrities to us, and we want to introduce them to you.

Here’s a roundup of the Customer Spotlights so far:

Elizabeth Planek, Customer Insights & Analytics Manager, J. Crew

Elizabeth is a champion of metrics like customer equity and predictive CLV. The insights she uncovers and the dashboards she puts them into help teams across J. Crew see around the corner when setting their strategy.

Danielle Iserlis, Email Marketing Manager, Vince

Danielle is using Amperity at apparel brand Vince to find the best segments for email marketing and adapt to how customers have shifted their shopping during COVID 19.

Tausif Islam, Data Visualization & Analytics Director, Servco

Tausif is using Amperity at automotive retailer Servco to analyze customer interactions and find out what's happening and why, then build it into dashboards that inform the rest of the business.

Phil Rubins, Data Engineer, Planet Fitness

Phil is using Amperity at Planet Fitness to load data, build his own databases, and set up new data sources, making the data available so that others in the company can put it to use.

Hui Chen, Director of Customer Data & Global Sales Analytics, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Hui is using Amperity at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to run advanced analytics and find valuable customer segments that were previously sealed away in silos.

Chris Rue, Senior Business Analyst at Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle's Major League Soccer team

Chris is using Amperity at Seattle Sounders FC to automate workflows, explore the customer base, and segment audiences for a variety of marketing initiatives.

Daniel Tabor, Data Engineer, BECU

Daniel is using Amperity at BECU to create a 360-degree view of members and use this for activities such as business performance dashboards, marketing activation, and member outreach and service.

Jack Bush, Senior Marketing Analyst, Deckers Brands

Jack is using Amperity at Deckers Brands to analyze customer records at a granular level and help teams across multiple brands work with customer data.

Shannon Maple, Personalization Lead, DICK’S Sporting Goods

Shannon is using Amperity at DICK'S Sporting Goods to create customer segments and personalize messaging.

Dina Callea, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Operations and BI, SPARC Group

Dina is using Amperity at SPARC Group to centralize siloed customer data sources to free up time for testing, audience building, and use case activations.

Christy Ansari, Chief Planning Officer, KUIU

Christy uses Amperity at KUIU to identify unique customers, find the levers that increase acquisition and pinpoint problems with retention.

Brian Knollenberg, SVP of Marketing, BECU

Brian is using Amperity to stay busy organizing and analyzing masses of financial data, and uses the findings to drive loyalty and hone personalization.

Melanie Allen, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Brooks Running

Melanie is using Amperity at Brooks Running to power Brooks’ runner-centric mindset.

Helen Birch, Senior Product Manager of Personalization, Endeavour Group

Helen relies on Amperity to understand customer problems and activate data to create different audience segments.

François Ascani, Assistant Vice President (AVP) & Data Scientist, First Hawaiian Bank

François is using Amperity at First Hawaiian Bank to democratize data and quantify the halo effect of marketing campaigns. 

Keep an eye out for new Customer Spotlights, and if these inspire you to imagine what more you could be doing with your customer data, we’d love to hear from you.